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Our Story

Lauren and Lacey

Co-founders Lacey Tisch and Lauren Zucker come from different ends of the wellness spectrum. In sharing their own journeys with each other, they realized they wanted to create a home where the best practitioners, brands, and healers live under one roof.

Inspired to feel her best mentally and physically, Lacey began to look for new ways towards health and wellness. She found meditation and acupuncture to be meaningful vehicles towards a strong mind, body, and soul connection.

When Lauren was at a crossroads in life, she realized it was time to step up her spiritual game. She found herself traveling to different places and meeting new people to further heal her soul, trying everything from Kundalini Yoga to Kabbalah. Once her process began, she realized that nothing had made her feel as good as learning how to help others heal.

Sage & Sound exists to offer you a curated, credible, holistic wellness experience. Online and in our space, you will find we are passionate about fostering a community for people that are consciously looking to improve the quality of their lives and deliver wellness in a revitalizing, approachable, and judgment-free environment.

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