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Garden Essentials Hand Soap

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The brand's new Garden Essentials Hand Soap has been reimagined in every way, from its packaging to its ingredient formulation. Allow the biodegradable, palm-free and honey-like Castile soap to transport you to a place where daily rituals feel elevated.
How To Use
Dispense onto wet hands, creating a rich lather. Rinse thoroughly.
1) Babassu Oil- Contains fatty acids and antioxidants to soothe skin. High levels of Lauric Acid add moisture and provide a beautiful lather in soaps. 2) Rosehip Seed Oil- Contains Vitamin C and fatty acids that help maintain a healthy skin barrier to counteract the dryness that occurs with frequent hand washing. 3) Olive Oil- Locks in moisture with Oleic Acid and Squalene.
About The Brand
Flamingo Estate, the brainchild of Richard Christiansen, is the space where apothecary meets sanctuary. The brand curates goods ranges from fresh produce to clean household items.