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Collagen Powder 30 Day Supply

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Shore Magic creates products that benefit your body, brain and beauty, backed by published science. Their Collagen Powder is no exception. Made from one pure ingredient: hydrolyzed marine collagen from sustainably sourced wild fish skins, this one-month supply of superfine odorless and tasteless collagen helps strengthen skin, hair, nails, muscles, joints and more from within. Mix two scoops with any liquid, yogurt, or even your daily smoothie.
How To Use
Along with your Shore Magic Collagen Powder, you will receive one gold serving spoon folded on top for ease of use. Mix two scoops (approximately 10 grams) once daily in liquids, smoothies, yogurt or any other hot or cold food or drink. For best results, use a blender or hand-held frother when mixing in a smoothie, coffee or tea.
Hydrolyzed marine collagen from wild fish skins (cod)
About The Brand
Shore Magic Collagen is the only collagen to have proven, published science supporting enhanced bioavailability and efficacy compared to others in the market.