the sounding board

What does it take to be a product sold within the four walls of Sage & Sound? Who determines who gets to be an expert or a practitioner in this sacred space our Founders have worked hard to create to meet you wherever you are in your wellness journey?

We believe we work best when we work as a community. Thus, Sage & Sound created The Sounding Board, a diverse group of individuals committed to working with us regularly to ensure our services and products are truly the best of the best.

Our board members are integral in making sure everything we do -- from recommending a body oil to administering an acupuncture session -- is up to our Sage & Sound trifecta of standards:

Curious exploration

All members of The Sounding Board are actively seeking and discovering new products and services within the wellness industry across the globe.

Real-scenario testing

Treatments and products approved by The Sounding Board have been tried and tested and received overwhelmingly positive feedback after trial.

S&S stamp of approval

The S&S Stamp Approval guarantees each product and/or service has been vetted by our Founders and our board. The S&S Stamp of Approval also ensures that products and services are free of toxic-free, eco-friendly, and cruelty free.

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