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5 Clean Lipsticks in Celebration of National Lipstick Day

Makeup artist extraordinaire Jeanine Lobell walks us through her five favorite must-have clean lipsticks in honor of National Lipstick Day. Because, how many more times do we need to hear that stat about how much lipstick we eat per year?

If you've been on the beauty beat for longer than a second, you've most likely encountered the name "Jeanine Lobell." Lobell, (the original founder of Stila Cosmetics) has had an illustrious career, being the brains behind some of the most memorable beauty looks on the pages of Vogue and W, and the faces of Cate Blanchett and Michelle Williams.

"Anyone who knows me knows I am a total lipstick fan," Lobell tells Sage & Sound. "For me, I can throw on a great red or fuchsia lip and feel like it looks like my whole face came alive. It can totally change my mood"

Here, in honor of National Lipstick Day, she shares her favorite five clean products.

Kjaer Weis' Naturally Liquid Lipstick in Red

A Certified Organic velvety shade. "This is a gorgeous long-wear red that stays put and doesn't transfer as much as other lip products"

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RMS' Lip Shine in Sacred

Certified Organic and rich in nutrients Lobbel dubs this "the O.G. of natural beauty" options. "This pot of shine-especially in this color-is a great brightener for many skin tones."

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Axiology's Vegan Crayon in Bliss

This option is not only cruelty-free, but it's vegan and clean. "It's hard to pick just one shade from Axiology," Lobell says, "but I love their green packaging and the creamy formula feels excellent."

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Mented's Gloss in #1 Cran

Vegan, cruelty-free, and proudly made in the USA!

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Tower 28's ShineOn Milky Lip Jelly in Coconut

This glossy deliciousness is made from plant-based ingredients (like apricot oil and raspberry seed oil) that are actually good for you and make for a long-lasting, nourishing product.

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