2 Truths 1 Myth: Propo-What? The Mystery Of Bee’s Secret Compound
DATE: 09/13/22

2 Truths 1 Myth: Propo-What? The Mystery Of Bee’s Secret Compound

The bee; once that pesky bug you ran in fear from is quickly becoming America’s Next Top Ingredient. And it’s all thanks to experts like Carly Stein, founder of Bee Keeper’s Natural, who focused on propolis; a compound produced by bees that has long been shown to boost immunity, gut health, and brain health. Here, Stein shares the buzz (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves) about propolis.

Truth #1: Propolis can be taken daily for immune support.

“Our community always asks if they can use propolis like a daily vitamin and the answer is yes, absolutely,” Stein tells us. “We like to think of taking propolis as a baseline practice that’s just as vital as, say, brushing your teeth or washing your face. It’s a ritual—one that just so happens to fight germs, soothe a scratchy throat, and protect your body with antioxidants.” Stein suggests four sprays of propolis once or twice a day. “It’s just what the beekeeper ordered.”

Truth #2: Science has given propolis many accolades.

We call propolis nature’s ultimate defender for a reason,” she explains. “Research tells us the ingredient offers immune support, increases collagen production, and even supports the growth of good gut bacteria. It’s a vast understatement to call propolis a Jack of all trades.”

Myth: Propolis and honey are the same thing.

They aren’tthe same—although bees do play a key role in making each one,” Stein explains. ”Propolis is a sticky substance bees craft out of plant and tree resins, and it plays a key role in every colony. Bees line it all over the hive as a sort of an antimicrobial wallpaper that keeps microscopic invaders away. So when you do your daily propolis spritz, you’re giving your body the same level of protection that bees give their hive (and it contains 300 vitamins and minerals).”