Experience curated, one-of-a-kind services tailored to your personal wellness journey.


Our Sage + Sound Facials are uniquely tailored to your needs. We combine world-renowned skin care products, Biologique Recherche, Osmosis, Augustinus Bader, and Environ, with technologically advanced tools and the timeless art of facial massage to give you optimal results and a revitalizing experience.

Signature Facial

Give your skin the Sage + Sound treatment it deserves. This treatment is meant to plump fine lines and regulate sebum, leaving skin smoother, brighter, and glowing. Our s...


This facial is the perfect reset for all skin conditions. After analyzing your skin, we’ll begin by custom tailoring your treatment with either an Osmosis custom serum blend inf...

Bespoke Plus

Our esthetician works with our elite lines, including Biologique Recherche Boosters, Osmosis Microchanneling Infusion, or Environ Peel, to restore your skin's vitality. Based on...

Perfect Lift

Possibly the best-known treatment from Biologique Recherche, The Perfect Lift combines the best of the brand’s offerings into one session. Using Biologique Recherche’s highly co...

Men's Facial

Gentlemen, it's time to treat your skin to the Sage + Sound experience it deserves. Say goodbye to fine lines + hello to smoother, brighter skin with our signature facial. This ...


Our celebrity-approved facial is designed to address a wide range of skin concerns by incorporating multiple non-invasive modalities, including diamond dermabrasion, high-pressu...


Using our medical grade lines, our esthetician will customize a back treatment to address back acne head-on. Inclusive of a deep cleanse, steam, and extractions, this treatment ...

Teen Facial

Address breakouts head-on in a supportive environment. We begin by preparing skin with a double cleanse before moving on to extractions. After a personalized analysis, you will ...


Available upon request
Diamond Microdermabrasion
Masque Biologique Feerie Visage
Masque PIGM 400
Microneedling Infusion
Oxylight LED


We offer acupuncture truly crafted for your specific needs.

Initial Acupuncture

Explore your health concerns and wellness goals and receive a thorough analysis according to traditional Asian medical philosophy.

Follow-Up Acupuncture

Available: Mon, Wed, Fri
Follow-up sessions with our licensed acupuncturists allow clients to make continual progress towards their health and wellness goals.

Medical Aromatherapy

Available: Mon
Add aromatherapy to an acupuncture session, or as a stand alone Aroma treatment.

Herbal Consultation

Available: Mon
Not ready for needles but want to benefit from 5,000 years of ancient Asian medical wisdom?

Herbal Follow-Up

Available: Mon
A follow-up after your initial Herbal Consultation.

Initial Acupuncture Facial

Available: Mon
Precisely placed acupuncture points on the face promote blood flow, healing, collagen and resolution of blemishes.

Follow-Up Acupuncture Facial

Available: Mon
A follow-up after your Initial Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture.


Available upon request
LED Light Treatment
Medical Aromatherapy
Electro Stimulation Acupuncture


Experience the healing power of massage + body work with one of our customized treatments that will leave you feeling restored + grounded.

Swedish Massage

Available: Tues-Sun
Say goodbye to stress + aches with a gentle, stress-relieving massage. A sweeping symphony of strokes will get your blood + lymph flowing with just the right amount of pressure.

Deep Tissue Massage

Available: Tues-Sun
Ideal for all bodies, this massage blends Swedish techniques with acupressure, trigger point therapy, deep compression + deep kneading.

Prenatal Massage

Available: Tues-Sun
Prenatal Massage is a great way to support your body through all three trimesters of pregnancy.

Thai Massage

Available: Wed-Sun
Rooted in ancient India + infused with Ayurvedic + Chinese medicine principles, Thai massage is often described as 'assisted yoga.' This unique technique forgoes oils + is condu...

Ionixlight Body Lift

The perfect combination of Myolift & Radio Frequency will sculpt and reduce the appearance of cellulite while tightening the skin and promoting collagen regrowth. This booking f...

Energy Healing

Experience a transformative practice that uses gentle touch + holistic techniques to align + balance your body's energy fields, promoting deep relaxation + wellness.


Available: May 15, Wed in June
In this 60-minute Reiki healing session, regain focus, reduce stress, + improve your sleep. It’s an ideal mental reset for those dealing with anxiety, stress, or sleep issues, a...

Energetic Healing + Massage With Niko Karelas

Available: Sun
Explore mind-body rejuvenation with a blend of massage + energy healing techniques like Reiki, cupping, + Craniosacral therapy. Designed for deep relaxation + energy balance, ge...

Energy Medicine with Nicholas Pratley

Available: First + Third Sat of every month
Unlock the zen within, boost your body's bliss, + calm those nerves with a unique energy-healing treatment. These tailor-made experiences will have you feeling refreshed + in to...

Integrative Energy Healing with Valerie Oula

Available: Wed, Sun
This personalized session offers a holistic method for opening up stagnation to find flow, clarity, + revitalization. Tune into your body’s needs + vibrations, + take advantage ...

Lymphatic Massage

IMD Beauty Spa has spent over three decades learning the science behind lymphatic drainage, enabling them to offer a detoxifying body treatment like you've never had before, sauna experience included.

Signature Lymphatic Drainage

Available: Mon-Sun
IMD Beauty Spa's most popular treatment combines a magnesium thermal wrapped infrared sauna session, followed by our signature lymphatic drainage massage. The FAR infrared heat ...

Lymphatic Deep Tissue

Available: Mon-Sat
This treatment uses a magnesium thermal wrapped infrared sauna session followed by a combination of our signature lymphatic massage and traditional deep tissue massage. The heat...

Body 365

Available: Mon-Sat
This is a combination treatment that includes the wrap in the sauna, followed by cryofrequency and ultrasound cavitation as well as our signature lymphatic drainage massage. It ...

Ultimate Lymphatic Drainage Treatment

Our unique treatment takes wellness to the next level. By employing our signature massage techniques, which combine a mechanical low-motion device that stimulate the lymph nodes...

Post-Operative Lymphatic Drainage

Available: Mon-Sat
This is a post-operative massage performed on those who have undergone general surgery, orthopedic, or plastic surgery.

Please call us to book this service: (646) 677-...

Prenatal Lymphatic Drainage

Available: Mon-Sat
An hour-long full body massage specifically designed to ease the burden on the bodies of expecting mothers.

Please call us to book this service: (646) 677-5155

Non-toxic Nail care

By Sundays