Meet Our Teachers

  • George
    George  MacPherson
    An intuitive sound meditation practitioner, George understands the profound impact of sound and vibration. Based in Brooklyn, he offers transformative one-on-one and group sound meditations through Sound of the Times.
  • Dara   Hart
    Dara  Hart
    An artist, athlete, + mentor, Dara cultivates love for the body, voice, and energy in those she reaches. Her background in wellness and integrative healing therapies has allowed her to touch lives globally, from industry leaders to supermodels. Expect soul-stirring musical offerings from her soon.
  • Moun   D'Simone
    Moun  D'Simone
    Moun, your Spiritual Big Sister, is a spiritual guide, mentor, and artist. A devoted Tibetan Buddhist practitioner, she brings a fresh, warm, and straight-talk style to her teachings. Her methods, deeply rooted in her own journey, are profound, irreverent, and accessible.
  • Jackie
    Jackie  Cantwell
    Known for facilitating sound meditations in sold-out arenas and working with The Big Quiet, Jackie uses crystal singing bowls to create immersive experiences that promote stress reduction and deeper self-connections. She also serves as a 1:1 coach and has collaborated with the likes of Nike.
  • Courtney   Clifford
    Courtney  Clifford
    Courtney is a facilitator, coach, and meditation teacher who founded The Inner Collective. Her teachings blend yogic science, practical philosophy, and breathwork to awaken inner awareness. Her dynamic classes, informed by various disciplines, guide students to uncover their true essence and inner tranquility.
  • Valerie
    Valerie  Oula
    Energy Healing Expert Valerie Oula founded Modern Ritual NYC, a haven for personal growth and healing. She's authored two books and leads holistic retreats worldwide. Valerie’s work beautifully weaves ancient wisdom with modern realities to foster transformative experiences.
  • Basia   Blonska
    Basia  Blonska
    Basia, a classically trained flutist, extends her passion for music into healing and transformation. With over 20 years of professional experience, she's also delved into reiki, hypnotherapy, and breathwork. Her sound therapy certification further equips her to create harmonious, healing experiences.
  • Javier   Garcia Sanchez
    Javier  Garcia Sanchez
    Javier, an artist and educator, brings ancient wisdom to contemporary life. With over a decade of meditation practice, he shares the transformative power of mindfulness through his poetic and artistic approach, cherished by his students.
  • Jonathan
    Jonathan  Breshin
    Once an electrician, Jonathan discovered new strength and wellness through Chinese medicine and associated practices. Now, with over 13 years of intensive training, he empowers others to redefine their physical wellbeing and discover their inner vitality.
  • Tiffany   Martinez
    Tiffany  Martinez
    Tiffany is an intuitive Sound Meditation Facilitator, helping individuals disconnect from habitual patterns and connect with their inner selves. Using her personal experiences, she brings healing soundscapes to diverse audiences, creating safe spaces for transformation and harmony.
  • Nicholas   Pratley
    Nicholas  Pratley
    Founder of SP8CE, Nicholas is a licensed Neuro-Linguistic Programming Therapist, Master Energy Practitioner, and Breathwork Expert. With two decades of experience, he's taught his Biofield Breathwork method globally, reigniting the potent technologies of breath and body.
  • Rebeca
    Rebeca  Brau
    Rebeca is a meditation, breathwork, and yoga teacher, and a Master Hypnotist. Rooted in her Mexican American immigrant experience, she guides people to their true selves through awareness, advocating for transformation and potential fulfillment through vibration and concentration.
  • Janina   Picard
    Janina  Picard
    Janina, an actor and voice coach, also facilitates breathwork and dreamwork. With over a decade of experience working with various artists, she uses breathwork for body grounding, relaxed expansion, and authentic vocal expression.
  • Rich   Mancuso
    Rich  Mancuso
    Rich is a practitioner of various healing and wellness techniques, including Kundalini Yoga and resistance stretching. His method, BSR, combines all his training into a practice that helps individuals overcome mental, physical, and spiritual blockages with ease and energy.
  • Michele
    Michele  Bernhardt
    An intuitive, astrologer, numerologist, and metaphysician, Michele employs the healing power of color and sound. Author of COLORSTROLOGY, she brings her expertise to various platforms, from PBS's Healing Quest to iHeart Radio.
  • Parizad   Srivastava
    Parizad  Srivastava
    Parizad, a Certified Abundance Mindset Coach and best-selling author of Manifest Your Life of Greatness, empowers others with her unique perspective rooted in lifelong meditation and Law of Manifestation practices. Her workshops, both in-person and online, inspire a mindset of abundance.
  • Julius   Betila
    Julius  Betila
    Julius blends science with mysticism, exploring the interconnectedness of life through various healing practices including Sound Healing, Yoga, Breathwork, Reiki, and Shamanism. He cultivates a holistic approach to health and happiness.
  • Spyro
    Spyro  Ziangos
    Spyro, a software engineer with a meditation teacher's heart, brings Tibetan Buddhism philosophies into his meditation classes. His aim is to guide others to deeper understanding of their minds, fostering more love and enduring happiness in their lives.
  • Christina   Ionno
    Christina  Ionno
    Christina weaves her extensive dharma wisdom into empowering teachings. Her approach is relatable and fresh, designed to help others unlock their ultimate potential and discover the true nature of their mind.
  • Claire   Sinofsky
    Claire  Sinofsky
    Claire's deep love for the plant world blossomed in the lush groves of southern France and continued to flourish during her global explorations. She's on a mission to spread her plant-based wisdom, offering others the tools to heal themselves using nature's bounty.