2 Truths 1 Myth: The Truth About Crystal Healing
DATE: 09/13/22

2 Truths 1 Myth: The Truth About Crystal Healing

If you’re searching for a totally grounded (pun, intended) explanation of the power of crystals, look no further than medical intuitive Amy Leigh Mercree. She, quite literally, wrote the book, about how anyone can harness the power of crystals (among other things like oils, meditations, and mantras) to manage your moods and lift your spirits.

Is there scientific evidence of the healing power of crystals? While there aren't any well-known published scientific studies on the efficacy of crystal healing, there are plenty of people that swear it works for anything from mood boosting to muscle ache relief.

Mercree, who clearly found the right crystals to surround herself with, released not one, not two, but three books during the pandemic--all guided journals that help you stay mindful and calm; two things everyone could use a little more of.

Here, she shares two truths and one myth about crystals.

Truth 1: Intuition can be learned.

You don’t have to be "born with the gift," or inherently drawn to crystal healing in order for it to work for you. "Intuition can be completely learned," Mecree says. "Some people are born with the ability to just pick up a guitar and start playing it and some people need to take lessons." The same is true with energy. Are there people who are more predisposed? "Maybe,” she  says, “but a little bit of conscious awareness and the desire go a long way."

So if you're about to go shopping for a crystal and feeling a little overwhelmed or under-intuitive, try preparing for the shopping experience first. "Take a sea salt bath, make sure you've done your morning meditation, be in a good space and then you go [shopping] and tune into the crystals," Mecree recommends. "Find a crystal that calls out to you, which to some degree, means visually. Pick the crystal up, hold it, and quiet your mind. Ask yourself what you feel: Do you feel tingling in your hands? Does it feel good? Bad?  When you hold a crystal, you tune into your heart, and you feel good feelings it means it is resonating with you.

Truth 2: First step in getting crystals to work for you? Meditation.

The first step to getting in touch with your crystalline power vibes? “Meditation is the ultimate gateway drug to intuition,” she says. “If you want to tap into your intuitive gifts, including with crystals, then meditating a few times a week and giving yourself time to slow down is what lets that happen. Right now, a lot of people are getting more time to slow down. I'm interested to see if that's going to result in greater intuition.”

She continues: “Anything that's going to get you more in touch with your authentic self and come into feeling and being as opposed to thinking and doing is ultimately better for your health. That’s going to make you a more productive member of society.” A wonderful way to practice revving up your intuition? “Sit in mediation with a single stone.” Mercree recommends a rose quartz or any stone with gentler energy like moonstone, selenite, larimar, or pink tourmaline. “As you notice your breathing and sink deeper into the present moment, allow yourself to feel the energy of the stone you are holding. Notice it. Is it hot, cold, pulsing, tingling? Does it evoke an emotion? Close your eyes and allow your extrasensory perceptions to flow without trying to direct them. Intuition flourishes when we are in a state of receptivity."

Myth: Crystals are magic beans

It’s not only having the right crystal in your possession or picking out the prettiest one (although Mecree does confirm having a visual connection with your crystal is definitely important). In order for your crystal to really perform, you, too, need to do some work. “It’s a co-creative process,” she begins. “Crystals and stones are alive, just like you and me. They are living beings and to engage in a truly co-creative relationship with them we must treat them with care and respect. To do so decide to tune into a stone before using it for your healing. Does it feel up to helping you? Or, would it prefer to be outside or on a sunlit windowsill? Be willing to listen to your crystal's unique communication to co-create something amazing. And, bonus, this revs up your intuition and raises your vibration!"