5 Non-Toxic Winter Nail Polish Shades to Liven Up Your Look
DATE: 02/23/23

5 Non-Toxic Winter Nail Polish Shades to Liven Up Your Look

Love getting your nails done but don’t really love the thought of toxic ingredients in nail products? You’re not alone. Amy Lin, founder of sundays, shared the same thought and even created a solution for it. For Lin, creating sundays meant creating non-toxic products in consideration of nail care fanatics, nail salon staff, and the environment. That means vegan, cruelty-free, vitamin-rich formulas that come together to create a range of stunning shades.

Lin prioritizes the idea of nail care as self-care, an act of wellness for the mind and body which one can practice through a visit to sundays studios. Sundays’ line of products not only include nail polish but also nail care necessities, including gel removal kits, pedicure kits, and cuticle serums. At sundays, you can expect to get a nail treatment in tranquility, including the option of listening to meditation while getting your nails coated with non-toxic nail polish, sundays’ signature product.

We had the opportunity to chat with Lin about her ideal nail colors for the winter season. From deep reds to creamy greens, see which color might spark your next aesthetic.

First up is No.02, because everyone’s go-to is a good neutral pink at one point or another.

sundays no 2 nail polis

“A semi-sheer light pink nude for that barely-there natural look, chic for your yoga class or office outfit, all-year round.”

Next, we have No.17 AKA the perfect confidence boost.

sundays red nail polish

“Deep red with cherry undertones that goes well with all your winter jackets + a reminder to own your confidence.”

No.21 is the perfect accessory to that cozy sweater—at the office and for Sunday morning coffee runs.

purple nail polish

“You can dress up and down with this grape purple. Pairs with a fluffy sweater to get that cozy look.”


If you’re thinking of “the perfect shade,” you’re probably thinking of No.25.

earthy rose nail polish

“An earthy rose red that adds a natural feminine touch to an everyday look.”

Lastly, we have No.30 for those looking for that perfect balance between No.17 and No.21.

grey green nail polish

“A creamy olive green that compliments your zen attire, especially if you are an earthy tone person.”

You can find sundays studios across New York City and inside of Sage + Sound. Book an appointment or browse online for your next treat—your nails will thank you.