Sage Picks: A Skin Tool So Good It's Existed, Like, Forever
DATE: 03/30/22

Sage Picks: A Skin Tool So Good It's Existed, Like, Forever

A tool so good it's existed, well, forever. And now it's even chicer.

"Our brand is based on the idea that a simple bathing or body care routine can really boost wellness," Esker Beauty founder Shannon Davenport tells Sage + Sound. "I do deeply believe in this practice and the science supports it, too," she adds. "The issue for me personally at this particular point in my life is that being a founder, first-time entrepreneur and new mom are all things that (especially in combination) can be really taxing mentally and physically. Staying super grateful I think is the best way to put things in perspective."

Grateful and simple. Which are two words that instantly come to mind when you land on the homepage of Esker Beauty. It comes as no surprise that their sleekly designed, simple, yet totally Instagramable Body Plane has become a staple among beauty gurus.


Who is this for?

"The Body Plane is a great tool if you want smoother, softer skin that literally glows, BUT you don't want to irritate your skin with harsh scrubbing," Davenport says. "Everyone's skin is different and has various sensitivities so just because you want to exfoliate doesn't mean you have to do that by irritating your moisture barrier through harsh scrubbing and micro-tearing.

What makes it so special?

Well, the thing is, it's not. "My philosophy is that tried-and-true rituals stand the test of time because they work," Davenport says. "If someone comes along claiming they have a new solution for something that has never existed before that is some miracle cure I get a little suspicious (there are exceptions of course). We're actually not trying to reinvent the wheel we're trying to make simple, time-tested wellness and skincare practices accessible and understandable for our modern lives.

Where did it come from?

Davenport was specifically inspired by ancient Greek and Roman bathing culture because of their wellness-oriented approach to the body. "The strigil was a fascinating tool that existed before soap," she says. "It was used as a way to cleanse your body because traditional soap didn’t exist yet. After bathing themselves in oil, they would use the Strigil to scrape off the oil and with it would come dirt, debris, and dead skin, leaving skin soft, exfoliated, and–in those days squeaky–clean."

When do I use it?

There's no "best time" to use the Body Plane but there is one essential rule. "It won't work unless [your] skin is damp (after bath or shower) and oiled," Davenport shares. "I'm a big advocate of evening baths because of the sleep benefits but as long as your skin is softened you're good to go." Same, same.

Why would I want this?

Aside from the fact that it will instantly make your bathroom-scape looking 10x chicer, prepping your skin for whatever your rituals may be (self-tanning, hair removal, etc.) is always a good idea. It's an ideal exfoliator that will help smooth your skin AND offer you a deeper clean.