AM/PM: How Erin Kleinberg Gets Through Her Day
DATE: 09/13/22

AM/PM: How Erin Kleinberg Gets Through Her Day

Many of the brands creative genius Erin Kleinberg works with at her company Métier (including her own baby, SIDIA) are grounded in wellness. Which is why she was an obvious entrepreneur to check in with for AM/PM. "Over the years we are continually working hard to find ways to better manage work-life balance, logging off on weekends and evenings, streamlining communication, taking off for Summer Fridays, and really paying attention to when our bodies and minds are telling us we need to pause in order to preserve the creative path," she tells Sage & Sound. "It’s a process that we will collectively be shaping for years to come, but I feel lucky to have a wonderful team around me."

"My definition of wellness means being content," Erin Kleinberg tells Sage & Sound. "...Feeling refreshed, being ready in your mind body and soul to take on the next step, personal growth, the future. Wellness is specific to each person. To me, wellness is family, comfort, and knowing that I am doing what feels good to me deep down, and not letting others' versions of wellness influence my personal practice."


"Mornings are big for me," Erin begins. "A kid cuddle, cold shower, and my sacred skincare routine is a daily occurrence. It doesn't always consist of the billions of steps I'd love it to, but it includes a cleanse, hydration, moisturization, guasha or ice roll, and misting. I even find my five-minute makeup routine is a moment to pause and create a small sliver of artistry before the day. I do five minutes of breathwork and when I'm lucky get out for a 7 AM hour walk. Nature is a big part of my wellness journey."

Evolve by Erika Breathwork- Erika's practice is one of the only routines that I've kept up with for months and months on end. It has helped me set the stage for the day and I remain way calmer and less anxiety-driven.

Amazon Ice Roller - Lymphatic drainage is my savior! For so many reasons. I suffer from TMJ, I get puffy in the am, and my face is damn tired from all the zoomers we've had to endure. Keep this in the freezer and enjoy the soothing, cooling benefits. One of the most inexpensive but WONDERFUL steps in my routine.

DDG Alpha Beta Peels - Dr. Gross' peels are like a cure-all for me. Bad mood? PEEL. Fight with husband? PEEL. Locked down again? PEEL. I am addicted to the peels, they are single-handedly the most powerful part of my skincare routine. They are also the perfect primer if you plan to use any concealer or foundation.

SIDIA Cloud Nine headband - Our plush Cloud Nine headband is like a warm hug for your head. This is my all-time fave face-washing headband because the soft velour material grips my head but is so soft on those pesky postpartum baby hairs and looks chic while you are doing your routine. My SIDIA Caftan is the first step after getting out of the shower, the most luxe, soft sheath to get ready in.


My SIDIA Caftan is the first step after getting out of the shower, the most luxe, soft sheath to get ready in. Perfect for moments in-between.

Muri Lelu Mauvaise Herbe Indica Oil is a luxe dream at night. I lightly press on my face at night, take a deep smell, and let the magic work mid-slumber.

Prima's Bath Gem is a must when I have time to decompress in a nightly bath from the nutty day I had.

Joaquina Botanica is a new favorite - their clean essence mist smells divine and has the most gorgeous packaging for my countertop - design plays a heavy hand in my wellness journey as well.

Crown Affair Comb - I channel my inner Marsha Brady incessantly combing as a form of relaxation and ritual.