AM/PM: Isla Beauty's Co-Founder Wants To Take The Guess Work Out Of Your Routine
DATE: 09/13/22

AM/PM: Isla Beauty's Co-Founder Wants To Take The Guess Work Out Of Your Routine

Tracy Dubb is the co-founder of Isla Beauty, a skincare brand committed to transparency and science (we like those words!) over the "widespread baseless claims about “clean” and “natural."” Here, she shares her AM/PM.

“Wellness” has meant a lot of different things to me over the years, both personally and as the whole concept has related to me professionally as well," Tracy Dubb, co-founder of Isla tells Sage & Sound. "To me, today, “wellness” means feeling calm and connected to the things around me."

She should know. As co-founder of Isla, Dubb and her team have worked hard to guide people towards products actually make your life easier, "taking the guesswork out of skincare," as she says. "It shouldn’t be so stressful."


Flore by Sungeonomics Probiotics

"I take this every morning. They send you an at-home test kit and they custom make your probiotics based on what your results look like. With the extremely overwhelming amount of information out there about probiotics, I like that this feels targeted and based in science. Plus they give you a very cute little wood pillbox with your name on it."

Isla Tone Balance Elixir

"This is not a shameless plug - the smell and feeling of this toner brings me so much joy and feeling of peace in the morning. We get requests all the time to turn it into a candle."

Rainbo 11:11 Super Multi-Mushroom Dual-Extract Supplement

"If there’s one fringe wellness trend I believe in lately, it’s mushrooms. While this isn’t exactly micro-dosing, I find that these Rainbo Drops make me feel good all around and help get my day started.

Vital Proteins Matcha Powder

"I wish this was a little less expensive but wow do i love how this tastes and how easy it is to make."

Goop Nerd Alert or TruBrain Supplement

"I love a brain function supplement and these are my two favorites. I genuinely feel a difference and I’m always scared to run out!"


La Ligne Pajamas

"Truly the only way to go to bed! They are so soft and beyond cute."

A bath + our Snow Scrub Exfoliator

"Officially our Scrub is a rinse off physical exfoliator but the truth about any beauty product with great ingredients is that the longer you leave them on, the more they can do. This mask gives an instant smooth glow."

Kit Undergarmets Socks

"I can’t sleep with cold feet and these are my favorite socks for day and night."

Bulletproof Sleep Mode

"I’ve tried all the melatonins and this one is it."

Kin Euphorics' Dreamlite Nightcap

"My fiance turned me on to this and I was super skeptical and annoyed that he was trying to get me into yet another one of his night time things, but i have to admit its delicious and it makes me feel like bedtime."