AM/PM: Radiant Human Christina Lonsdale Is All Vibes
DATE: 09/13/22

AM/PM: Radiant Human Christina Lonsdale Is All Vibes

Christina Lonsdale was dubbed by The New York Times as “The Annie Leibovitz of aura photography," and we here at Sage & Sound can't really think of a cooler thing to be dubbed. Lonsdale, who recently released her book Radiant Human: Discover the Connection Between Color, Identity, and Energy, shares her AM/PM here.

"It's hard for me not to get triggered by the term wellness," Christina Lonsdale tells us. "I picture thirsty trend reports and crappy corporate zoom calls discussing how they can capture market share by using the term “natural” or “healthy” when they really have zero intentions of actually being those things."

We hear that.

"But, then, thanks to moments like this, I get a moment to actually think about it. How rad is it that wellness is even a thing?! This gets me excited that we are actually in a paradigm shift and we are collectively pulling the market toward a more thoughtful and genuine life on this planet. We’re not there yet of course, but it's a start! I’m excited to see what happens when we can intersect wellness with social justice. Wellness is more than just a skincare regime. It’s my hope that we can apply the same consideration to our well-being as we do to our communities and our planet."

Oh, the places we could go!

You can purchase Christina's amazing book on Amazon.


Morning workout with ​Obe

I love starting my day with physical activity. It helps connect my brain to my body and gives me the essential energy that I need to be successful. When Covid happened, I was really bummed that my gym closed and I needed to find an online resource STAT. I'm not gonna lie, I was first intrigued by Obe because it looked really pretty. But after taking a few classes, I was really impressed with the personalities of the instructors and some of the classes are hard AF! Pilates with Jackie is my favorite.

Getting Aligned with the ​Bullet Method

After my workout/shower I like to spend a small amount of time collecting my thoughts and identifying my priorities for the day. I am obsessed with the Bullet Method, one of the most successful (meaning realistic and doable) productivity systems I have ever used. It's totally scalable so it works for people that just want to focus on a few goals or someone running several complex businesses/projects. It helps me brain dump so the rest of my day is focused and stress-free- which is honestly such a key component to wellness.


Supernal Cosmic Glow Oil

One day I got a random package in the mail with a note explaining that after having her aura photographed, she decided to start her own skincare business. Included was a bottle of Supernal Cosmic Glow Oil. I started using it and now I am OBSESSED! It's seriously the only product I am loyal to. It's cruelty-free and all organic, smells amazing, and my skin has never looked better. No matter what happens in the day I know I will always go to bed feeling like a queen.

Bedtime with Luna Sophia

When it's bedtime in our house I lower the lights to the “tropical twilight” setting on my ​Hue bulbs, put my daughter in ​my Artipoppe baby carrier​ , and get vibey with ​our sound bowls​. It's the best thing ever. The hardest part is not falling asleep before she does!