AM/PM: The AM/PM: Larz
DATE: 09/13/22

AM/PM: The AM/PM: Larz

For anyone who has struggled with their mental health and is looking for a relatable representation of the ups and downs of being human, look no further than the amazingly honest, raw, and real Larissa “Larz” May. Larz, founder of Half the Story and the Global Day of Unplugging has spent the last handful of years looking at the complex and often flawed relationship between technology, mental health, and human connection. With a goal of rethinking what digital wellbeing will look like for the next generation, Larz has become a staple in the mental health community. Here, she shares her AM/PM.

"Wellness is a state of action, not a destination," Larz tells Sage + Sound when asked what wellness means to her. "It’s a daily practice, commitment, and lifelong pursuit. Wellness is listening to your body, your mind, and your spirit and adapting your life accordingly to meet those needs. Wellness is not necessarily something you buy, it’s a daily practice. It’s mental wellness, digital wellness, physical wellness, spiritual wellness, sexual wellness, and social wellness. It’s a matrix and a mix of these. They ebb and flow depending on the moment in time."


I start every morning with a screen-free walk. It’s a time I use to settle my thoughts and prepare for the day ahead. It’s a moment to process and reflect before reacting or responding. As a type-A being, it’s my natural tendency to execute and react, but I’ve learned the importance of slowing down and finding presence and peace in the uncertainty.

Dr. Schulz Superfood Vitamins: I like to start my day with a glass of water packed with vitamins. Dr. Schulz is hands down the best supply of nutrients to support my brain, my body, and my immunity.

Feals CBD: I am particularly sensitive to caffeine and I’ve found that starting my day or dosing my coffee with CBD helps support my anxious tendencies.

B Smart Brain Fuel: There’s nothing like a little brainfood in the morning. Whenever I am feeling brain fog or I need an extra boost I supplement with B Smart Brain Fool, a series of nootropics and adaptogens to support my mood.

Knitting: I love knitting. It’s one of my favorite screen-free activities. My go-to for relaxation, supporting stress, and redirecting the energy from my anxious mind.


Tulura Face Oil: Every night I end my day with a facial massage with Tulura oils. It is my absolute favorite product and the only beauty ritual I cannot live without. Their products are MAGICAL!

Kin Euphorics Lightwave: Lightwave is my favorite functional non-alcoholic beverage that relaxes my mind and body. Reishi Mushroom, Saffron, L-Tryptophan and Passionflower relax the mind and root the body.