AM/PM: This Woman Is On A Mission To Ritualize Haircare
DATE: 09/13/22

AM/PM: This Woman Is On A Mission To Ritualize Haircare

Dianna Cohen is the Founder & CEO of Crown Affair, and in addition to simply radiating a sense of coolness, is on "a mission to make haircare a daily ritual." Daily rituals? Say no more.

"One of the reasons I created Crown Affair was to share my haircare rituals that have not only transformed by hair over time, but also my wellbeing," Dianna Cohen, Founder & CEO of Crown Affair tells Sage & Sound. "Taking care of yourself can change the way you move through the world, and I deeply believe in living our brand ethos: Take Your Time." Cohen has worked hard with her team to build a company culture and create products that embody that mission around wellbeing, too.

"To me, taking care of your wellbeing is a more holistic way of thinking about all the acts you need to take to make yourself feel whole. For example, my morning ritual has the power to change the course of my day— if I don’t create the structures that allow me the time for my morning before I start the work day, I don’t feel as well. I start each day with 30 minutes of stretching and foam rolling, followed by 30 minutes of journaling. Those two simple (and accessible) acts allow me to feel connected to my mind and my body. It keeps me clear headed and mindful during active work days. My post-shower and evening wind down rituals are really important for setting the tone and turning off from work as well. I’ve become more connected to listening to what my body needs over the last few years. Whatever that might be for you— sleeping, hydrating, watching your favorite movie in the middle of the day on a Tuesday, calling a friend that makes you smile— do what you need to do to feel present and good."


The Five Minute Journal “I start and end my day with The Five Minute Journal. It’s a beautiful and simple way to remain accountable to my gratitude practice. It’s also one of my favorite things to gift to a friend and see how they grow through practice.”

The Artist’s Way “I start every morning with ‘morning pages’, which is a daily 3-page journaling practice recommended by the author, Julia Cameron. Writing allows me to be completely honest with myself and work through anything that’s floating around in my brain. You don’t technically need the book to start, but the 12-week program is pretty life changing.”

Crown Affair Comb No. 001 + Silk Scrunchie “I usually comb through my hair with our Comb No. 001 and tie it in our soft, protective silk scrunchies before I stretch and foam roll. I’m partial to our limited edition colorway, Carrara. The Comb No. 001 was designed to go everywhere with you, but it’s the perfect comb to keep at my desk for a morning detangle or  mid-day scalp massage.

Foam Roller “Foam rolling is my form of meditation. It not only feels so good to start the day feeling stretched out and warmed up, but it circulates blood and oxygen to the body. It’s like starting the day with a little massage and releases any tension.

Outdoor Voices Biker Shorts + Museum of Peace and Quiet Crewneck “OV flex biker shorts and the comfortable crew necks from MoPQ are my current go-AM uniform to start the day. I’ll change into silk pants and a sweater for the work day, but this cozy combo is the perfect duo to start my morning.”

Rainbo Supplement “I’ve been really enjoying this medicinal mushroom tincture. I’ll take four droppers a day directly under my tongue and follow with water. I’ve noticed a change in my energy since starting it.”

Gossamer Dawn “Everything that Verena and the team at Gossamer make is magic. This is a first of it’s kind formulation of cannabinoids and terpenes that really just makes you feel like you’re always waking up on the right side of the bed.”Chameleon Cold Brew “This cold-brew powers me through the morning. I’ll make a cup for my fiance to wake him up and it’s a nice ritual of starting the day together.”

Stardust “Stardust is my new favorite app to check in and see where I am on my monthly cycle. I’ll record in the app how my body is feeling or if there’s any fluctuations in behavior, feelings, or cravings. The UX and copy are brilliant. It makes something that’s been not so fun to keep track of something to look forward to. I always wish I had a calendar to record my period, and it all finally makes sense.”


Good Company Tea “Now that we’re spending more time at home, I enjoy creating rituals that signal transitions throughout the day. I really enjoy Japanese teas, and the CBD-infused options from Good Company Tea are some of my favorites. It’s a nice way to introduce a sense of calm into the evening.”

The Brush No. 001  A nylon and boar bristle brush is a simple tool that has the power to transform your hair. Regular brushing with a dual bristle brush helps distribute your hair’s natural oil, giving you healthier strands and a cleaner clean when you wash. I swear by dry brushing in the evenings on non-wash days. My hair is stronger and healthier than even, and it gives such nice volume in my crown when I wake up.”

De La Heart Lymphatic Paddle “This Lymphatic Drainage Body Tool is one of my favorite parts of my post-shower evening ritual. Using a paddle is an efficient way to boost blood circulation and lymph system by draining and moving toxins out of the body. I’ll use jojoba oil and apply gentle pressure working from the legs upwards to the heart.

Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Cream and C Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream I keep it simple when it comes to my skincare, makeup, and haircare. I look for products that are effective, luxurious, and better for you. Drunk Elephant has created a suite of products that work together in harmony for my skin.”

SleepTracker My sleep tracker is the final thing I check in the evening to review my sleep from the week, and prepare for the night ahead. I try to get about 7 - 8 hours of sleep a night, but it doesn’t always happen with work and wanting to wake up early enough to start the day. The data and metrics this app provides helps me understand my sleep cycles and ultimately get more efficient sleep.”

Cire Trudon Adb El Kader “I’ll light this candle in the evening— the scent is fresh yet warm, and signals that it’s a transition out of work. Scent can be so powerful and transform your mood and energy. This candle will always remind me of this season of life.”

Luyna Silk Linen Robe “This silk-linen kimono style robe from Lunya is a dream. I’ll wear it post-shower to relax in the evening. I’ll rotate my robe type based off the season (eg. waffle, linen, silk, and the Kassatex spa style), but this one has become my go-to this year.”