AM/PM: Verena Von Pfetten Of Gossamer: The AM/PM
DATE: 09/13/22

AM/PM: Verena Von Pfetten Of Gossamer: The AM/PM

Verena von Pfetten is the co-founder of Gossamer, a lifestyle brand and publication for people who also smoke weed. Here, she shares her AM/PM.

"I’m the first to admit that wellness, as we most often encounter the word, isn’t really my vibe," Verena von Pfetten, co-founder Gossamer of tells Sage & Sage. "I don’t take any vitamins, I don’t meditate, and I’m lucky if I can get myself to exercise once a week. But I do believe in doing the things that make us feel good, even if they’re not inherently healthy. To that end: wellness means indulging in the things that make me happy, and balancing my tendency to go, go, go with my love of, well, martinis, really delicious food, and lying in bed all day on a weekend, if I want to, as a reward for working hard all week."


Bloom 150 mg Capsules by Kind Stranger

I’ve always been curious about microdosing and finally started a regimen last fall as the days here in NYC started getting shorter and darker, and the feeling of being trapped in my apartment for the better part of year got heavier and heavier. This blend of psilocybe cubensis, maca, cacao, and Siberian ginseng—which I take four days on, followed by a three-day break, then two days on, followed by a two-day break, according to their dosing schedule—have been a literal light in what’s been a very difficult year. I feel more energized, creative, and focused—and, I promise, not in the slightest bit high.

Comb and Oil by Crown Affair

I’ve never been big on taking care of my hair (just ask my poor mother) until Crown Affair. Now I start every morning with their Comb No. 001 and a little bit of The Oil. It’s the best way to help release any tension (which somehow travels up from my jaw—yes, I’m a nighttime clincher) to my scalp. Plus the oil has been saving my ends in what’s been more than a year without a haircut.

Dawn by Gossamer

I technically take this one closer to mid-morning: somewhere between breakfast and lunch, and a couple hours after I’ve had my coffee. Dawn is formulated with THCV, a lesser known cannabinoid that is now for it’s stimulating and energizing effect. A half-dropper (for me—some people take more, some people take less!) is just what I need to make my mornings feel smooth and productive and to mitigate any anxiety that an influx of emails and a calendar full of zoom calls might bring on. It’s also great as an afternoon boost, when I’m feeling sluggish (and because if I have any coffee after about 1PM there’s no chance I’m sleeping that night.)


Dr. Loretta’s Hydrating Cleanser

This is going to sound like hyperbole but it is absolutely hands down the best face wash I’ve ever used. It’s cleansing, but super gentle. My face feels soft and not at all dry after washing, which is an incredible feat, particularly in the middle of the east coast winter. It’s solidly priced, too. While not a drug store cleanser, it’s a generous bottle and one pump goes a really long way.


Moon by 3rd Ritual

My favorite part of my bedtime ritual is slathering my hands with 3rd Ritual’s Moon lotion. It’s the most mesmerizing slate blue color, smells otherworldly, and leaves my hands super soft in the morning. Per founder Jenn Tardif’s instruction, I like to bring my palms up to my face after using it and take in a few long, slow breaths. It really helps me set the mood for a good night’s sleep.


Dusk by Gossamer

I am a terrible sleeper (in case you can’t tell from my other write-ups), and so Dusk is deeply personal to me. Specifically formulated with CBN, a sedative cannabinoid, and a custom blend of terpenes (the fancy weed word for essential oils) like myrcene, b-caryophyllene, linalool, and citral, Dusk is engineered to help you sleep. And it really, truly works. It doesn’t rely on melatonin, which can mess up your circadian rhythm (and always makes me feel super groggy in the A.M.). I take a full dropper right after I put my phone away and before I start reading. I’m asleep within the hour and often straight through the night. If I do wake up—anyone else get that tight chest, internal alarm clock feeling around 4AM?—I’ll take another 1/4 dropper and I’m good until morning.