How W Hotel's Amanda Marcus Integrates Wellness into Her High-Powered Career
DATE: 06/30/24

How W Hotel's Amanda Marcus Integrates Wellness into Her High-Powered Career

At Sage + Sound, we believe in the harmony of body, mind, and soul. Our conversation with Amanda Marcus, the Senior Marketing Manager at W New York Times Square and W Hoboken, epitomizes this balance. Amanda’s journey is a testament to the profound connection between personal wellness and professional excellence. Join us as we delve into her daily rituals, the inspiration behind her wellness practices, and how she integrates these principles into her dynamic career.

Tell us a little bit about what you do at W.

My name is Amanda Marcus. I'm the Senior Marketing Manager and oversee the marketing function at W New York Times Square and W Hoboken. This involves partnerships, programming, digital marketing, paid media, social media, influencer marketing, and essentially being a brand ambassador for W here in New York City.

What does wellness mean to you?

Wellness has always been a huge part of my life. When I was very young, I would watch my grandfather and father go out for long runs on Saturday mornings. They'd be gone for hours, and I could never understand what they were doing for so long! Being active and embracing wellness became more individual for me during college. I decided to take a program to become a certified personal trainer and got into various activities, like cardio and strength training.

I fell in love with running, probably because it's in my genes. Those long Saturday morning runs I used to question as a child became a part of my life. I started long-distance running and in 2022, I ran my first marathon in New York City. Running has always been my wellness escape. I run every day, no matter the weather or location, because it's more about my mind than my body. Running provides me with a unique connection to my mind, body, and soul, making me feel unlike anything else in my life.

How does wellness intersect with work?

I'm passionate about my work, but I make it clear to my colleagues and leaders that if I don't take care of myself, I can't effectively contribute to others. If I don't get my run in, I won't perform well at work. It's about holistic fulfillment—balancing my wellness routine with my professional responsibilities. I'm intentional about waking up early to run, even if it means arriving at work a bit later or being more tired. This routine makes me a high performer because it ensures balance. On chaotic workdays or during late-night events, I remain centered because I've already practiced my wellness routine.

Is there any non-physical activity that helps with your wellness?

I've tried meditation through the Peloton app, YouTube, and studios. While I enjoy it, it doesn't provide the results I expect, so it's not a regular practice for me. Instead, getting a good night's sleep is my meditation. Having a solid bedtime and wake-up routine helps me mentally. During my bedtime routine, I review and let go of the day's thoughts, achieving peace and preparing for rest.

And now, our favorite question! What are your top five favorite products or things to do at Sage + Sound?

  1. Sound Experience – While I do not practice daily or even weekly, I absolutely LOVE the way I feel during this experience. The soft noise + hums of the practitioner (particularly Dara Hart) bring so much good energy.
  2. Lymphatic Drainage Massage – this was a life changing massage for me. I not only felt completely relaxed during but the after effect of feeling revived was a sensational feeling.
  3. Shore Magic Collagen Powder – I simply cannot go a day without my collagen – like clockwork each morning after my wellness routine I craft a homemade espresso and almond milk with a serving of collagen – even when grabbing coffee out, I bring my to-go packets with me!
  4. Venn Collagen Intensive Phyto-Retinol Renewal Mask – there is no better feeling than taking off a perfect face mask and feeling your skin’s undeniable glow – yes, collagen again, but it always feels like a treat to me and my skin when I use these amazing face masks, especially the night before a big event!
  5. Hugget by Bearaby – When I first held these at Sage + Sound I couldn’t believe the incredible calming effect, these are a must for me during sound bath meditation!