Breaking Taboos and Bed Sheets: How Dame Products Prioritizes Sexual Wellness
DATE: 05/08/23

Breaking Taboos and Bed Sheets: How Dame Products Prioritizes Sexual Wellness

"I believe that sex is a cornerstone of our overall well being," Dame's founder, Alexandra Fine, told Sage + Sound in an interview, "When we think about what it means to feel good in our bodies, to have well being I think we think of our mental health, our physical health, the quality of our sleep, the quality of the food we eat, the quality of our interpersonal relationships, our financial stability, all of these are different pillars that add up to our overall well being. And sex is simply one of them."

Sexual wellness is an essential component of our overall well-being -- one of the reasons we at Sage + Sound have an entire section online and in-store dedicated to the category -- and engaging in sexual activities, including masturbation and sexual intercourse, can contribute positively to our stress levels, sleep quality, and overall health. However, discussions around sexual wellness and pleasure continue to be too often stigmatized, and people may feel uncomfortable talking about their sexual desires and needs.

Dame, a female-first sexual wellness brand, aims to break the taboo surrounding conversations on sexual health and wellness. By creating products that are marketed in a straightforward and honest way, hosting conversations to facilitate understanding between people, and taking a stand against the injustices faced by female-first sexual pleasure brands, Dame Products is challenging the systemic oppression of pleasure.

Inclusivity and diversity are crucial components of product design and marketing at Dame. The company ensures that its products are designed to pleasure specific genitalia and not just a particular gender. By using inclusive language, Dame tries to meet people where they are and make its products accessible to everyone.

For individuals looking to explore and embrace their sexuality as part of their wellness journey, defining what a healthy sex life looks like to them is the first step. Prioritizing sexual wellness and setting aside time for sexual activities, including masturbation and sex with a partner, is essential for improving sexual pleasure and overall well-being.

By creating products, hosting conversations, and taking a stand against systemic oppression, Dame is helping to promote inclusivity and diversity in the sexual wellness industry. For individuals looking to embrace their sexuality, prioritizing sexual wellness and setting aside time for sexual activities can lead to a more fulfilling and satisfying sex life.

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