Find Sanctuary for Your Senses with Bearaby
DATE: 12/11/23

Find Sanctuary for Your Senses with Bearaby

Do you know that feeling of complete relaxation after a gentle massage or a warm hug from a family member? That’s part of the magic of Deep Touch Pressure or DTP — the scientific phenomenon behind weighted blankets.

It might seem counterintuitive, but resting with a heavy blanket across your body can actually help lighten your mind and ground your senses. While they are most commonly used by people looking for a natural way to sleep more deeply, weighted blankets also make effective meditation tools, adding a soothing sensory element to your daily practice.

We’ve partnered with Bearaby —a fellow female-founded wellness brand with mindfulness at its core — to add an extra dimension of sensory wellness to our sound experiences and coaching and community classes. Here’s Bearaby’s guide to using Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) for meditation. 

The Lay Low On Weighted Blankets For Meditation

The secure, calm feeling of resting under weight is linked to specific neurological benefits from DTP. DTP is scientifically proven to lower your cortisol levels while increasing serotonin and melatonin production. That means you’re set up for a less stressed and more relaxed mindset, whether you’re tucking in for a good night’s sleep or setting the stage for a more mindful day.

There’s no right or wrong way to use a weighted blanket to meditate — the most important factor is whether it feels comfortable and accessible to you. If it’s your first time using a weighted blanket, you might start by resting it on your lap during your meditation or sound bathing session. Pay attention to how the weight feels draped over your legs, and experiment with different seating positions to find what feels best.

Once you’re comfortable with the sensation of resting under weight, you can try fully lying down under the weight of the blanket. This will deliver DTP across your full body and activate your pressure points, helping you to feel fully grounded and in touch with your body. The calming weight of the blanket can also help you more easily access a state of relaxed breathing and gentle focus.

Whether you’re new to the world of weighted blankets or a pro at sleeping under weight, accessing the full benefits of DTP can help to deepen your meditation practice and lead you to a calmer, more comforted state of mind.

The Bearaby Napvocates

Introducing a weighted blanket to your meditation practice is similar to adding sounds or scents. Together, these elements enrich the sensory experience of meditation, helping you connect to all five senses and stay present in the moment. 

You can try Bearaby’s Cotton Napper weighted blanket at our afternoon sound experiences or keep an eye out for their stress-relieving Hugget knot pillows at our new coaching and community courses.