Foria Wellness Intimates Drops
DATE: 05/26/23

Foria Unleashed: The Game-Changing Force in Sexual Wellness You Need to Know

At the heart of sexual wellness brand Foria's mission lies the belief in the transformative power of sexual pleasure. Their plant-based, sustainable sexual wellness formulas (sold in-store and online at Sage + Sound) are designed to address our most intimate needs while considering both personal health and the health of the planet. By bridging gaps in the market for female sexual health and pleasure, Foria strives (dare we say succeeds) to support life-altering experiences with innovative, clean, and highly effective all-natural products.

Breaking the stigma surrounding sexual wellness is a core mission for Foria. They lead by example, engaging with the public in a playful and friendly manner, while providing reliable and authoritative educational resources that are also enjoyable to explore. For Foria, sexual intimacy is not separate from everyday life but an integral part of it, deserving of open conversations and celebration.

As Foria looks to the future, their aspirations extend beyond the boundaries of the traditional sexual wellness industry. Their long-term goals involve becoming a prominent voice in the conversation surrounding holistic well-being across the lifespan, particularly for women. By broadening their impact, Foria seeks to redefine what it means to be truly well, encompassing all aspects of life.

With Foria at the forefront of the sexual wellness revolution, the intersection of self-care and sexual awareness takes on a whole new meaning and we are proud to carry their products. 

Here, we chat with Kiana Reeves, Somatic Sex Educator, Doula, Intimacy + Relationship Coach, and Chief Content Officer at Foria about the brand's challenges, goals, and the future. 

Can you talk a little bit about the convergence of self-care and sexual awareness?

These days, many of us think of self-care as a way to mitigate the pressures of modern life by carving out a space where we can focus solely on ourselves for a little while, instead of the countless tasks, pressures and anxieties that clamor for our attention. Naps, manicures, bubble baths, mental health days from work and so on – all wonderful things.

But if we embrace our needs as a celebration of our shared humanity and interconnectedness with the natural world, instead of simply seeking comfort by reacting to outside pressures, we can take self-care in a much more radical direction, grounded in our true human roots, seasons and cycles, in rhythm with nature – as nature intended.

And there’s nothing more elementally natural, human, primal and profound than sexual intimacy, with a partner or with ourselves. Vibrant sexual wellbeing is self-care in the deepest sense, and it can root us deeply in an awareness of ourselves as an essential part of the natural world. Now that’s hot!

What challenges did you face while entering the sexual wellness market and how did you overcome them?

Our initial offering was Foria Pleasure, the “weed lube” in the sexy black bottle that intrigued and fascinated the world in 2014. With the decriminalization of cannabis (finally!) starting to catch on, the idea of a THC lube for sex turned a lot of people on – which we were thrilled about, of course!

Unfortunately, because legalization in the US has been a regional patchwork, we were only able to sell Pleasure at dispensaries in California and Colorado. Our customers reported that it had changed their lives, but its reach was limited.

We realized that we needed to bring comparable benefits to more people, so we set about expanding our Intimacy line with [non-THC] products.

It took a lot of hard and mindful work with expert formulators and sourcing, but we’re pleased to report that we’ve succeeded, without compromising our insistence on pristine, quality ingredients – and our community is just as vocally enthusiastic.

How do you ensure that your products cater to a diverse range of individuals and their unique needs?

The work of inclusion and honoring diversity is always, always ongoing. It’s never finished, which is exactly how it should be. We believe in listening to people first and foremost, and being aware of what hasn’t been available in the past. Foria closes gaps – it’s what we do and have always done – so providing valuable tools for pleasure and wellness to everyone is right in our wheelhouse.

How do you tackle the stigma around sexual wellness and promote open conversations around the subject?

We do our best to lead by example. We strive to speak to the public in a way that’s playful and friendly but reassuring. We provide educational resources that are reliable and authoritative and also fun, and celebrate our wholehearted belief that sexual intimacy isn’t separate from day-to-day human life, but always an integral part of it.

Looking into the future, what are your long-term goals for Foria and its impact on the sexual wellness industry?

We would love to go outside of the traditional definition of the sexual wellness industry and become a much larger part of the conversation around what it means to be well across your full life-span - especially as a woman.

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