Sage Picks: UMA's Pure Calm
DATE: 09/13/22

Sage Picks: UMA's Pure Calm

Peek the medicine cabinets of just about any chic person in your friend circle and you’re likely to find something from UMA, the Ayurvedic-based botanicals brand founded by Shrankhla Holecek.

"Our brand celebrates the Uma in each of us," Holecek explains. "Our ability to find peace amidst chaos, to balance our complex ambitions with our most fundamental emotions, and to find contentment in the knowledge that everything we need is already within us." With the idea that that is something all of us could use a little more of, we put UMA's Pure Calm Wellness Oil to the test.


Who is this for?

Those who are looking for a wellness ritual that allows you to take some time for yourself. Anyone who loves the actual act of indulging in a wellness routine will love the actual process of applying the body oil. The oil is also great for scent-lovers, bath-lovers, and essential oil fans.

What does it do?

UMA's Pure Calm is made up of pretty much every delicious botanical you could ask for, all which work together to ease stress and relax your mind.

Where can I use it?

The brand recommends you massage 4-5 drops of the oil "between your toes, onto the bottom of your feet, pulse points, temples, [and] behind the ears…" but honestly, we put it all over and it had an amazingly calming effect -- not to mention the insanely yummy scent.

When do I use it?

Most people rave about using body oils (especially this one) before bed, but if you have a way of keeping some near your work area and massaging a drop or two on your pulse points throughout the day as you feel stress creeping in, we highly recommend it. There's no "wrong" time to use it.

Why would I want this?

Other than the fact it's on just about every wellness guru's top shelf? Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old alternative medical practice that is deeply rooted in botanicals, and UMA is arguably the brand that does it best. Their botanicals all come from a 100-acre meadow and only the best seeds are harvested for use in the oils.