Sage + Sound's Expert Tips and Must-Have Products for Winter Hydration
DATE: 01/09/24

Sage + Sound's Expert Tips and Must-Have Products for Winter Hydration

As the frosty months set in, our skin often bears the brunt of the harsh winter air. But fear not, Sage + Sound is here to be your winter skincare oasis! 

Why Winter Hydration is Key

Winter can be a tough adversary for our skin. The cold, dry air strips away moisture, leaving it feeling parched and lifeless. That's why hydration is more than a luxury—it's a necessity. At Sage + Sound, we understand this delicate balance and have meticulously curated a selection of products to keep your skin thriving in winter's demanding conditions.

Our Hydration Heroes

We've got you covered with everything from the deep-penetrating moisture of Osmosis: Quench to the nourishing embrace of Augustinus Bader: The Rich Cream. Whether it's the quick fix of Blue Lagoon's Mineral Mask or the subtle sheen of Oui The People's Hydrating Body Gloss, each product in our "Hydration Picks" collection is a testament to our commitment to your skin's wellbeing.

Expert Tips Straight From Our Practitioners

But what truly sets Sage + Sound apart? Our in-house experts! We've tapped three of our top practitioners – two facialists and a masseuse – to share their insider tips on keeping your skin hydrated and happy this winter. Their sage advice, combined with our top-notch products, is your secret weapon against the winter skin blues.

Stay tuned as we unveil these exclusive tips, and in the meantime, explore our handpicked hydration essentials at Sage + Sound's Hydration Picks.

"Our Bespoke Facial uses the famous Soin Lissant by Biologique Recherche, which is a beautiful milk powder mixed with an intense hyaluronic acid. It’s filled with Omega 3, silk extracts, too. It leaves your skin feeling super calming, bright, and hydrated. This treatment is for everyone! Especially those with reactive skin. And when paired with our Biosonix for added product penetration? You can't go wrong!"

-Josie B., Facialist.

"Hydration affects the appearance and texture of the skin, helping it to become softer and smoother. Unlike moisturizing, which helps to retain skin moisture, hydration adds water to the skin. When skin is dehydrated, it is more prone to inflammation, congestion, and breakouts. The good news is that with the right habits, products and a little love, you can avoid all this. First, make sure you're drinking lots of water. As for products I highly recommend Bioloqiue Recherche Serums, like Serum Amniotique VG or Serum Extraits Tissulaires and Blue Lagoon Masks."

-Sofia Visen, Facialist.

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"Deep tissue massage can enhance blood circulation throughout the body. Better circulation means more efficient transportation of nutrients and oxygen to the body's cells, including the transfer of water, which is essential for hydration."
-Izzy VanHall, Masseuse.