Sandy Beach Doll's Founder Unveils Her Wellness Blueprint for Balancing Family and Business
DATE: 04/30/24

Sandy Beach Doll's Founder Unveils Her Wellness Blueprint for Balancing Family and Business

Today, we're thrilled to feature Kacey Kennedy, the founder of Sandy Beach Doll, as she shares her candid insights on maintaining wellness amidst the whirlwind of running a family business. Balancing the roles of entrepreneur, parent, and individual, Kacey reveals her strategies for not just surviving, but thriving. Through her experiences, we uncover the profound impact of nature on her well-being, the essential wellness tools that keep her grounded, and the invaluable advice she offers to fellow entrepreneurs navigating the challenging waters of business and health. Join us as we explore how Kacey's personal wellness journey shapes her life and work, fostering a harmony that resonates through her brand and beyond.

Running a family business can be quite demanding. How do you balance work and personal life to maintain your wellbeing?

Honestly, I don’t balance it well! Probably my best tip is not to take everything so personally and to try to “turn off” when relaxing at night or with my children (easier said than done). 

The beach plays a significant role in the concept of your product. Can you discuss how nature influences your wellness routine and your approach to health?

[My family and I] grew up going to the beach every summer and, as a kid, I was outside playing around our block all the time. Nature influences my wellness routine greatly, both for myself and for my kids. Whenever it is nice out, we are always outside exploring, picking flowers, planting seeds, going for walks, or just playing hide and seek. I generally always feel so much happier and more peaceful outside.

Part of the purpose of Sandy Beach Doll is for kids to play outside with their toys rather than watch TV or be on a tablet.

Are there any particular tools or products that you find indispensable for maintaining your wellness routines? 

Kate McLeod's Daily Stone Bar! I love how clean the product is and how luxurious it is! Whenever I use it, I feel like I am at the spa.

I love all Fig1 skincare products. They're so clean and effective on the skin.

The Walden Eye Mask is my favorite. It is so soothing when trying to fall asleep at night.

What wellness advice would you give to other entrepreneurs who are trying to juggle the demands of running a business while trying to stay healthy and grounded?

Praise your effort-not your results. The process of building a business is demanding, but if you take agency for what you have achieved so far, it will help you have perspective on how far you have come.

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