Shop Our Mom-Owned Brands in Honor of Mother's Day
DATE: 04/10/23

Shop Our Mom-Owned Brands in Honor of Mother's Day

As a mom-founded company, we believe that mothers are the best at creating amazing products to solve daily life quacks. Mothers’ intuitiveness and “no-time-to-waste” attitudes makes for innovative thinking and genuine dedication. 

As a mom-founded company, we believe that mothers are the best at creating amazing products to solve daily life quacks. Mothers’ intuitiveness and “no-time-to-waste” attitudes makes for innovative thinking and genuine dedication. 

As companies and consumers shift their production and consumption practices to better align with growing considerations for our health and that of our planet, conscious brands emerge and expand. We believe in providing them with a platform. 

Here, we showcase some mom-founded brands we couldn't be prouder to carry. 


Jess Frandson and Jill King, childhood best friends, founded CAMPO after working 20+ years in their respective careers. They took their love for essential oils, the ancient art of aromatherapy, and their love for eachother and built a modern luxury oil and aromatherapy brand: CAMPO. The pair believes in ethical responsibility and maintain sustainable and high-quality sourcing. Aiming to change the way we see luxury,  Jess and Jill honor the busy woman’s lifestyle by creating products for at home and on the go. Their intentionally crafted essential oil blends offer natural solutions to daily life quacks. 




Founded by two sisters, Renée and Naza Hava, Carbonnique is a luxury skincare company that anchors itself in sustainability and comfort. Designed to empower women and boost their confidence by providing natural ways to achieve healthy-looking skin, Carbonnique offers supportive skincare products that offer a relaxing and soothing experience. Carbonnique

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Alexandra Fine, sexologist, and Janet Lieberman, MIT engineer, joined forces and founded Dame to change the way we see sexual health and the ways in which women can access sexual pleasure. Dame’s mission is to end the sexual satisfaction gap between men and women and allow women as much pleasure as their male counterparts. They have revolutionized the way we conceive vibrators by offering solutions for solo play and couple time. Closely followed by a clinical board composed of experts and designed with safe materials, Dame is THE sex-positive company all women need in their lives, in fact they’ve already inspired and empowered millions. 

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Tania Rodney, the founder of Dandydill Way, a luxury skincare brand for children, was inspired by her own childhood, running around and picking berries with her sisters. Grounded in nature, guided by her experience as a makeup artist, and propelled by her experience as a mother, Tania created Dandydill Way at the intersection of science and care. With carefully researched and crafted blends of botanical extracts with impressive benefits, notably the hawthorn fruit, Dandydill Way’s blends are safe and gentle for children’s sensitive skin and delicate hair. Tania Rodney dug deep into her experience to share and offer a new way to enjoy bath time for children and parents everywhere. 

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The long-term fashion industry executive, Shannon Davenport, founded Esker Beauty after becoming a mother. Her belief that the best way of taking care of our bodies is doing so with naturally-derived ingredients and products, led Shanon to focus on sustainability and ethical sourcing. She blends her various backgrounds, from the fashion industry to her experience in aromatherapy to deliver exquisite products designed to help women form deeper bonds with themselves and their bodies. Esker is a pregnancy friendly company and empowers women at all stages of life. 

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Laura Shcubert and Lillian Tung, mothers and childhood best friends, founded Fur based on their belief of a need for a more inclusive vision of beauty. Dedicated to improving and elevating the full-body hair care experience, Fur prides itself on being for people who wax, who shave, who keep it natural, and everyone in between. Fur ensures it is safe for the most intimate of areas by making sure all of its ingredients are clean, vegan, non-toxic, and natural. This skincare brand revolutionizes the way everyone relates to their skin and hair by empowering them to find the solutions that work for them. 


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Founded by mother and model, Karolina Kurkova, and Rachel Finger, Gryph & Ivyrose is a wellness company dedicated to providing natural care for children. Born out of the realization of the lack of high-quality skin and holistic health care products for children and powered by mothers' needs to provide the best for their kids, Gryph & Ivyrose was created to deliver organic, sustainable, and vegetarian skin care and herbal care products to families. This company makes sure it upholds its sustainability values in all steps of production from sourcing ingredients to packaging them. 

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Founded by Lucy Goff after giving birth to her daughter and battling septicaemia, LYMA is the product of refusing useless supplements and finding the science behind true wellness. After consulting with many doctors, Goff finally met Dr. Paul Clayton who helped her develop LYMA. Powered by science and anchored in ethics, this supplement will help you sleep better, perform better, look better, and (here’s the best part) feel better.

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Christine Mason, the founder of Rosebud Woman is an established author, public speaker, and entrepreneur with a passion for women’s sexual health and wellness. Rosebud Woman, a mom-owned company dedicated to supporting women’s intimacy through all of its stages, provides women with intimate skin care products dedicated to soothe, ignite, and comfort. Her experience in the fields of yoga, meditation, spirituality, and self-development, spanning over 25 years inform her work and have helped her craft the brand’s empowering message and purpose-based products. Safe and intuitive, these products elevate women’s self-care by placing an importance on pleasure and its benefits in all aspects of life.

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Erin Kleinberg founded and named SIDIA after the passing of her late grandmother as a way to thank her and keep her uplifting, funny, and strong personality alive. Erin believes in the value and importance of inherited stories and history, and as a mother of two, she seeks to pass on the cycle of inspiration from generation to generation. Dedicated to formulating delicious scents, SIDIA is a clean, luxury body care and fragrance brand with cheeky candle names and silky smooth creams and exfoliants. 

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The husband and wife power duo, Nathan and Kritine Brown, who founded Soh Melbourne believe in the excitement of blending modernity, luxury, and art through their naturally sourced and formulated fragrances. Parents of four, the dynamic duo work together to innovate the fragrance space with a personal touch. From matte black jars to clean labels, Soh Melbourne puts an emphasis on design and values their illustrator’s contributions. Dedicated to showing off its Australian roots, Soh Melbourne prides itself on showcasing its country’s signature scents. 

Soh Melbourne

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Joy Harari discovered the power of holistic health by caring for her children on the autistic spectrum which led her to found Shore Magic. The collagen brand, dedicated to improving lives through nutrition, is based on Joy’s belief that beauty starts from within and is reflected on the outside, one must first look inward. While known for its beauty benefits, collagen also helps with digestion which plays a giant role in feeling healthy, happy, and capable. Joy Harari combines her personal and holistic knowledge, science, and the highest quality of ingredients to bring you a clean solution safe for daily use. 


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Kristina Hall’s passion for leaving the world a better place for her children and future generations in general inspired True Grace. Impacted by her father’s health issues and invested in nutrition and healing, the founder created  sustainably sourced products designed for and powered by regenerative principles for the body and the planet. The carbon-neutral brand anchors itself in full transparency from sourcing to benefits. True Grace values the knowledge that only experience generates and infuses it in all aspects of the company, from people care to planet care. 

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