Unlocking the Secrets to Radiant Summer Skin
DATE: 05/21/23

Unlocking the Secrets to Radiant Summer Skin

As the summer sun draws near, it's time to embrace a wellness-oriented approach and ensure that our skin remains healthy and hydrated. To guide you on this journey, we've teamed up with Sage + Sound's esteemed aesthetician, Josie Bisetti. In this Q&A session, we dive deep into the most common skincare concerns and unveil expert insights to prepare your skin for the summer, unveiling its natural radiance. Get ready to unlock the secrets to a luminous and nourished complexion. Let's embark on this transformative voyage as we unravel the questions and expert responses that await.

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With the summer heat coming, how can we best prepare our skin to stay hydrated and healthy? Are there specific treatments at Sage + Sound that you recommend for summertime skin health?

The Bespoke Facial is the best. There is science. I become a little scientist when creating a custom serum blend. I tend to be aggressive and can address hydration, sun damage, and build-up all in one facial by combining Osmosis and Biologique Recherche. The bespoke plus can include derma planing. This, combined with microneedling, will leave your skin smooth, dewy, and glowing.

In the face of increased sun exposure, what are your top tips for protecting our skin from harmful UV rays and preventing sun damage?

I’m a big fan of fashionable headwear, beach hats, winter and summer fedoras, baseball caps, and visors. I also sit under an umbrella at the beach and SPF every hour on the hour! My melanated skin suffers from melasma. When I was in my 20s, we never discussed how dangerous UV rays are. I used baby oil as a lotion and sat under the Miami sun for hours. Now, years later, I regret this! I formed melasma around my mouth. Lesson learned, and this is a warning to all. Protect your skin. Sun damage is real and can appear years later. Not immediately. 

For those who love a good tan, what are some safe ways to achieve that summer glow without risking sunburn or long-term skin damage?

Find a great tinted SPF that will give you that gorgeous glow. I use Elta. But there are so many great lines that offer tinted SPF. Ensure it’s not heavy or thick. Elta is also a mineral base that feels light on the skin. 

Could you share some advice about adjusting our skincare routines for the summer months? Are there any specific products sold at Sage + Sound that you suggest incorporating into our regimen?

With summer around the corner, our skin tends to get oilier. I love the Venn collagen-intensive Phyto-retinol renewal sheet mask. It has hyaluronic and niacinamide to brighten, it’s filled with enzymes to exfoliate, and retinol helps damaged cells. Leave it on for 20-30min. Use the excess serum on the back of your hands and décolleté. It’ll leave your skin summer dewy ready!

Finally, what common skincare mistakes should we avoid during the summer to ensure our skin remains radiant and healthy?
Avoid over-exfoliating. This happens a lot in the summer and will cause more build-up as the pores tend to enlarge when we over-exfoliate and don’t replenish our lipids. When I see large pores, it’s begging for hydration. Hydrating serum is crucial to balance your PH after cleaning and exfoliating.