The 411 on Glowy Skin This Winter
DATE: 12/16/22

The 411 on Glowy Skin This Winter

The term "glow up" has become used ad nauseam when talking about skincare. But, what does it actually mean? And more importantly, is it achievable? We tapped Sage + Sound’s lead esthetician, Josie Bisetti, to find out the 411. 

“Glow up for me is an individual journey,” Josie tells us in between back-to-back appointments in our facial suite. “Whether it’s personal growth or skin transformation most of it cannot be achieved without having confidence in yourself.”

Noted. Beautiful. But, let’s talk product, Josie. 

What are the go-to products to achieve a winter glow-up?

RETINOLS, such as:

1. Renew by Osmosis

clear white bottle with bronze top

“A beautiful vitamin A that’s super concentrated.”

2. Environ’s AVST

white and orange modern bottle for skincare

“This line is meant to build the strength of your skin so you can level up after you finish a sequence. It’s fantastic for retinol beginners. Also, all Osmosis products are safe for women trying to get pregnant or pregnant. A massive plus!”

ALSO, can't forget about face creams:

 1. Biologique Recherche’s VIP 02 

blue bottle with gold top

“This is by far one of my favorites. It’s protective against pollution, it’s oxygenating, it has moisturizing serums that protect our skin throughout the day… Did I mention it has milk extracts to restore healthy skin? BAM glow up!”

2. Biologique Recherche’s Le Grand

all gold bottle

For anti-aging, don’t look any further than Le Grand, the mothership of age-defying performance. This will tone and brighten your skin. It’s seriously luxury in a jar and glow-up from the floor up. 

If I only want to invest in ONE product this season to ensure my winter skin glow-up, what should it be?

If you’re like me and living in harsh New York City winter weather, it would have to be an occlusive moisturizer that has intense lipid protection. Hands down, T.E.W.L by Biologique would be my go to. Four drops of this and you are set to fight winter months. 

Anything we should be avoiding?

Over-exfoliating! I am mostly seeing clients overdoing it with P50 1970. Try swapping it out with P50V. This version has Vitamin B3 and is much more hydrating. Your skin will thank you for it.

What’s the go-to winter facial to get at Sage + Sound?

The Bespoke Plus facial is, simply put, a slice of heaven. This treatment is my favorite because it’s not just about the products themselves. I become a little scientist in the facial suite by developing a custom serum blend by Osmosis that can address hydration, anti-aging, and rosacea. You get best of both Biologique Recherche and Osmosis and one additional modality based on an in depth skin analysis—  dermaplaning, microcurrent, diamond microdermabrasion. It’s really a true Bespoke facial and one I'm so proud of doing. 

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