Sage Picks: This Magical Robe Will Get You Through All The Things
DATE: 09/13/22

Sage Picks: This Magical Robe Will Get You Through All The Things

Because we could all use a magical, wear-anytime-of-day-but-still-look-put-together piece in our wardrobe, we introduce CASHE's Giulietta Cashmere Robe.

Who is this for?

"They believe in self-care, appreciate luxurious quality and transparency in the marketplace, and most-importantly they are passionate about giving back. They love looking their best while lounging at home – the place they consider their sanctuary," says the team from CASHE. If you ask us? It's simply for anyone that wants to feel like the Queen of Cozy without looking schlumpy.

What makes it so special?

Aside from being incredibly chic and coming in stunning colors? The Giulietta Robe is made from 100% ethically sourced & sustainable cashmere. One thing that truly makes this robe different from the one you'd find at your local PJ store is that it's in a philanthropic category. "Customers can find solace in knowing that 10% of their purchase is donated directly to the Nepal Youth Foundation which provides freedom, health, shelter and education to Nepal’s most impoverished women and children," the team tells us.

Where is it from?

The brand tells us: "This robe was handmade in Kathmandu, Nepal by local artisans who have devoted years of their lives to developing this skill. From the beginning, Himalayan farmers hand-brush their cashmere goats to collect the precious raw fibers in the springtime, the process is so delicate and precise that no machine can do it. Only well-practiced human fingers can ensure the spinning produces long, smooth, consistent, unbroken threads. This work is painstaking, and there are no shortcuts."

When do I use it?

An easier question would be, when DON'T you use it? Sure, this robe is intended as a relaxation garb. "The two best times to wear the Giulietta robe is when the sun rises and we’re making our morning cup of matcha or, in the evening, when all tasks for the day are complete and we are sipping a lovely glass of vino," the brand tells us. But after throw it on over a thin knit and black leggings, and you have a true all-day outfit that is 100% Zoom meeting appropriate.

Why would I want this?

Are you seriously still asking this? Okay, we'll give it to you straight. This robe has dual superpowers: Aesthetically, it has all the things. But you know it's not only about what's on the outside. We love CASHE's Giulietta Robe so much for the story it tells; inspired by Nepal, made in Nepal, and actively giving back to the people of Nepal. "When you have this robe draped around your shoulders, you’ll be transported to Nepal," the founders tell us, "a land of kind people who appreciate the simple pleasures in life and believe in meditation as an essential part of their day."

Oh, and while we have you, we'd love to highlight an amazing project this brand worked on in honor of International Women's Day: a short docu-film highlighting the women of Nepal who are "homemakers to their families, committed to their trade, devoted to their nation and most of all heroes to their children." Women of Nepal will be released on International Women’s Day, March 8, 2021 via CASHE.