We Found The World's Most Powerful Supplement
DATE: 07/24/23

We Found The World's Most Powerful Supplement

Discover the power and potency of LYMA, the world's most advanced supplement that's reshaping the landscape of the wellness industry (+, unsurprisingly is on the shelves at Sage + Sound). Here, we dig deep into the revolutionary LYMA formula, a meticulously engineered supplement comprised of 10 patented, peer-reviewed ingredients proven to deliver tangible benefits. You'll learn about LYMA's rigorous scientific approach, the exceptional bioavailability of their ingredients, and their unwavering commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing. Plus, get a sneak peek into the future as we explore the latest innovations and developments LYMA is bringing to the world of health and beauty. There's a world of unrivaled potency and effectiveness waiting for you to explore with LYMA. 

LYMA has been hailed as the world's most powerful supplement. Could you share with our readers the unique qualities that make LYMA stand out in this crowded market?

It’s simple — peer-reviewed medical evidence. LYMA is the first and only formula supplement in the world engineered with ten patented, peer-review ingredients at their proven dosage levels. Unlike the rest of the supplement industry, every single one of LYMA’s ingredients hasn’t just been proven in a private clinical study. They have been proven in independent medical journals. Sadly, this is a rarity in the supplement industry due to a lack of regulation, and most supplements deliver no proven benefits. 

The science behind LYMA is quite fascinating. Can you talk about the research + development process?

The LYMA Supplement was born after a chance encounter between founder Lucy Goff and Professor Paul Clayton, a world-renowned authority on preventative degenerative disease, changed everything. Most vitamins can be sourced from a healthy, balanced diet, but LYMA is formulated to provide you with the ‘super ingredients’ that you cannot readily get from a balanced diet, including nootropics and adaptogens. On top of this, each ingredient has been formulated for ultimate bioavailability, allowing it to be easily and usefully absorbed by the body.

How does this rigorous scientific approach contribute to the efficacy of LYMA supplements? 

When you take an Aspirin® you know it's going to work because it has been clinically engineered, correctly dosed, and tested for effectiveness, with the results published in peer-reviewed medical journals. The same goes for the LYMA’s 10 ingredients. As a consumer, you don’t have to hope they’ll work, you know they will because the studies have already proved it.

Sustainability + ethical sourcing are important to our community. How are these values reflected in the production + sourcing of LYMA's ingredients?

LYMA is committed to using only proven ingredients, with no compromises, sourced from the world's most advanced laboratories. As a B Corp certified brand, we also make sure that all our disposable packaging is entirely recyclable. To cut down on waste, our Supplement starter kit comes with a signature hammered copper vessel that’s designed be refilled and last a lifetime.

Looking towards the future, what can we expect from LYMA? Are there any new developments or innovations in the pipeline that you're particularly excited about?

We recently launched LYMA Skincare — the most active epigenetic skin science in existence. It has completely revolutionized what can be achieved in skin remodeling using a topical product by addressing the eight underlying mechanisms of skin aging, not just the signs. This means that skin doesn’t just look younger, it is younger — a world first.

We believe today’s consumer should expect the world and get it. That’s why we’re always looking to explode boundaries and redefine what’s possible in the world of health and beauty through cutting-edge technology and pioneering innovation. Everything we do is driven by scientific evidence, quality, and efficacy and we can’t wait to share our next ground-breaking products with the world, so watch this space.

You can learn more about and shop LYMA in store and online at Sage + Sound.