What is GOOD sex?
DATE: 03/06/23

What is GOOD sex?

This article was written by Lauren Elise Rogers, CHSE, Owner & Certified Holistic Sexuality Educator. Come see Lauren during our Reclaim Your Sexuality event.

Most sexual taboos and prescriptions with regard to what sex should look like and feel like were “imagined and imposed by men.” (Hunt and Jung, 2009) Throughout your life have you encountered sexual restrictions that were imagined or imposed by men? If so, how have these restrictions affected you, your sexuality, your relationships?

Many of us think of sex as something individual and private about ourselves instead of a topic for the boardroom, legislative chambers, and evenings at Sage + Sound. Yet I would argue that when we move conversations about sexual ethics, power, pleasure, and justice out of the bedroom and into public spaces we empower individuals, families, and communities.

On March 9th at 6pm in The Study, we will be bravely discussing tools to reclaim a sexuality that is delightful, safe, responsible, and community enhancing. We will be pondering questions such as:

  • If sex is not exclusively or necessarily for procreative purposes then what is sex for?
  • If sex is the ‘language of the body oriented towards pleasure.’ what does this mean for you?
  • If justice is ‘right relationship’ or ‘shared power in relation?’ what does this mean for your sexual relationships?

Many of us, myself included, grew up being told that it’s “not polite” to talk about sex. But is this true? Or are we inflicting harm by silencing sexual discussions and insisting that sexual topics are purely private, individual expressions of values that do not affect the common good? Are we accidentally perpetuating sexual restrictions enforced, imagined, and imposed by “the patriarchy” since the dawn of time?

In their 2009 Article, Mary E. Hunt and Patricia Beattie Jung conclude that ‘Just Good Sex’ is sex that is delightful, safe, responsible, and community enhancing. I hope you will join me on March 9th at Sage + Sound as we explore this revolutionary thought and gain tools to RECLAIM OUR SEXUALITY. By bringing conversations about sexuality out of the bedroom and into communities and refusing to treat sexuality as a taboo subject, I truly believe we begin to heal the world!