All Access Packages

All Access Packages

Sage + Sound

Wellness, your way. Curate your journey with an all-access package that includes our Breathwork, Meditation, Coaching + Community, Sound, + Experiential classes.

Breathwork: By purposefully working with the breath, you can experience a range of benefits including relaxation, improved attention, reduced anxiety, + an improved sleep cycle.

Meditation: Join one of our daily meditation classes, led by one of our expert teachers. Open up to a regular practice of your own + immerse in the power of community meditation.

Coaching + Community: Learn goal-setting tactics in a 1-hour group conversation with a Life Coach. Restore a sense of personal power + participate in life, fully.

Sound Experience: Sound experiences have been proven to help alleviate pain, improve circulation, reduce stress, + enhance your immune system. Discover the transformative power of sound + vibration to promote a feeling of deep restoration.

Experiential: Discover something new + embrace unique, experiential practices that will re-energize your personal path to wellness. Offerings include Clearing Ritual, Astrology + Practical Mysticism, + Manifestation.


"Just what I needed! I left feeling so much more relaxed - mentally + physically. I will definitely be back"


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