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Body Plane Tool

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Inspired by the rituals of Greek and Roman bathhouses, Esker's famed body exfoliator tool uses a colloidal sterling silver blunt edge to gently scrape off dead skin, dullness and impurities while providing a gentle, restorative self-massage.
How To Use
The Body Plane works best when skin is wet, warm, and primed with body oil. It can be used in the shower or bath or just afterwards if the body is not towel dried. Working from the toes up and one limb at a time, apply a single pump of your favorite Esker Body Oil, lightly spread the oil across the skin and quickly follow with long, gentle strokes of the Body Plane working the energy up towards the heart. Remove excess dirt and oil from the Body Plane by wiping it on a cloth. Repeat on each body part you would like to plane, using a single pump of oil each time. We recommend stronger pressure and longer strokes on the arms and legs and shorter, gentler strokes on the chest, torso, and neck.
About The Brand
Esker delivers on organic, natural, vegan, and cruelty-free oils and tools that nourish your entire body.