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Chiropractor In A Bottle

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Peekay's Herbs Chiropractor In A Bottle supports pain free joints, muscles and connective tissue. Reducing inflammation and improving circulation, this elisir is for all kinds of aches, pains and injuries. Ingredients like Ginger Root and Chinese Quince Fruit offer immediate relief.
How To Use
As low as 1 Teaspoon (5 droppers full / 5ml) per day for small and sensitive individuals. As high as 2 Tablespoons (30 droppers full / 30ml) per day for larger and robust individuals experiencing acute and severe symptoms. Herbs can be taken at one time or dosed several times per day. Average dose is 1 Tablespoon (15 droppers full / 15ml) per day. These herbs are most often taken mixed with a cup of hot water (like a cup of tea), but they can also be mixed with cold water or taken as an undiluted shot!
Ginger Root / Sheng Jiang Albizzia Bark / He Huan Pi Siegesbeckia Herb / Xi Xian Cao Chinese Quince Fruit / Mu Gua Gentianae Macrophyllae / Qin Jiao Cyperus Rotundus / Xiang Fu Oyster shell / Mu Li Dodder Seed / Tu Si Zi Eucommia Bark / Du Zhong Loranthus Stem / Sang Ji Sheng Angelica Pubescentis Root / Du Huo Notopterygium Root / Qiang Huo Millettia Vine / Ji Xue Teng Polygonum Stem / Ye Jiao Teng Peach Seed / Tao Ren Turmeric Root / Yu Jin Salvia Root / Dan Shen Schefflera Arboricola / Qi Ye Lian Safflower / Hong Hua Achyranthes Bark / Huai Niu Xi Peony Root / Bai Shao Angelica Root / Dang Gui Bupleurum Root / Chai Hu Morinda Root / Ba Ji Tian Drynariae Rhizome / Gu Sui Bu Vaccaria Seed / Wang Bu Liu Xing Cinnamon Bark/ Rou Gui Corydalis / Yan Hu Suo Cat's Claw/ Uncaria Valerian Root / Valeriana Officinalis Ginseng Root / Ren Shen White Willow Bark / Salix Alba Cramp Bark / Viburnum Opulus Devil’s Claw / Harpagophytum Procumbens Frankincense Oil / Boswellia Licorice Root / Gan Cao Purified Water Organic Cane Alcohol (20%)
About The Brand
Peekay's Herbs believes that having access to practical, safe, potent, and properly dosed herbal formulas can be an exceptionally powerful revolution for any household. Created by master herbalist, Paul Kempisty, the brand channel tenets of Chinese Medicine to create holistic, safe & effective formulations.