Coaching + Community: Trust Your Gut

Coaching + Community: Trust Your Gut

Sage + Sound

Hosted by Parsley Health’s Dr. Jennifer Glassman + Kirat Randhawa

Join us for a dynamic workshop in partnership with Parsley Health to explore the intricate relationship between gut health + mental well-being. Discover tools + insights to trust your gut + cultivate holistic health.

What to expect:

+ 1-hour group guided conversation with Life Coach + Parsley Health Clinician, Dr. Jennifer Glassman + Kirat Randhawa
+ Guided lessons + principles rooted in science
+ Creative, free-flowing atmosphere
+ Meaningful conversations on the gut-brain connection
+ Group sharing with a Q+A

Tools + benefits:
+ Understanding the link between gut health + mental health
+ Insights into the deep connection between the digestive + nervous systems
+ Techniques to soothe stress-related digestive issues
+ Strategies to improve mental health through diet
May 20th, 6 P.M. - 7 P.M.

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