Face & Neck Massaging Tool

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There's something beautifully simple about this Caronnique Face Roller. Made of walnut wood and ceramic, this tool is ideal for travel. No wires or charging required. Designed to lift, contour and reinvigorate your skin, this face roller fits into any skincare routine. Upgrade your self care by applying a few drop so your favorite oil or serum before rolling this device upwards. Expect a release in stress and puffiness; releasing toxins while offering your face a lymphatic drainage massage.
How To Use
Take a few drops of your favorite oil or serum. Starting with your neck, pull upwards while applying gentle pressure. Place your roller under your chin and lift. Go all the way up to your lips. Continue with your jawline, pulling the roller gently along your jawbone to contour and uplift. Move up to your cheekbones and roll right to the hairline where your facial muscles are attached. Gently massage your undereye area using lighter pressure. Place your roller between your brows and massage upwards. Massage your forehead towards your hair line slightly above your brow. Finish by using crisscross movements to help your favorite products penetrate deeper into your skin. The entire massage should take 3-8 minutes.
About The Brand
Carbonnique Studio is a beauty and wellness platform created to support your immune system and healthy skin glow. Inspired by professional lymphatic drainage techniques (MLD) the Carbonnique method brings a true holistic approach to skincare and body care. When you join the Carbonnique Studio you gain exclusive access to unique face and body classes with your roller incorporated into yoga flows and core exercises that support your physical strenght as well as well-being.