Sound + Acupuncture Workshop

Sound + Acupuncture Workshop

Sage + Sound

Join us for a workshop designed to improve your sleep through the combined benefits of acupuncture + sound. This experience aims to create a deep sense of relaxation + balance, essential for achieving restorative sleep + overall well-being.

Focusing on balance + optimal energy flow addresses the mind + body to set the stage for improved sleep patterns. The targeted use of acupuncture seeks to regulate your body's natural rhythms + energy balance, while the immersive sound experience provides a calming backdrop, promoting mental clarity and relaxation.

With a limited capacity of 10 participants per session + two available times on Sunday, March 10th, from 2 P.M. - 3 P.M. and 3:30 P.M.- 4:30 P.M., we offer an intimate setting for personalized attention + care.

Acupuncture: Paul Kempisty

Sound: George MacPherson



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