Sound + Reiki Experience

Sound + Reiki Experience

Sage + Sound

Join our Reiki + Sound practitioner Nichole Rutsch + explore the soothing power of Reiki as it combines with our beloved sound journey experience. Explore a deep holistic connection between mind, body, + soul, fostering balance in every aspect of your being.

What to Expect:
+ A combination of the soothing power of Reiki + sound experience
+ Deep holistic connection between mind, body, + soul
+ Utilization of crystal alchemy sound bowls to create a magical soundscape infused with Reiki energy
+ Clearing of toxic energy + elevation of collective vibration

Tools + Benefits:
+ Exploration of Reiki as an energetic modality for emotional + physical healing
+ Relief from bodily discomfort, emotional challenges, + karmic relationships
+ Profound energetic cleanse + renewal
+ Opportunity for self-discovery + unlocking pathways to true purpose through a harmonious blend of sound and Reiki

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