The Hair Towel

The Hair Towel

Crown Affair

Meet your new protector. Because wet hair is hair at its most vulnerable, the Towel is made from a custom waffle microfiber that gently and carefully absorbs moisture from your hair and dries it in a fraction of the time compared to a regular terry towel, all while protecting from stretching and breakage and other damage to your precious strands. This patented design is uniquely and perfectly shaped to wrap all of your hair securely (no matter the length), with an elastic strap to comfortably keep things in place. You can live your life—and sneak in that morning meditation—while it dries.

General care instructions: Wash on cold and dry on low heat. DO NOT BLEACH if The Towel gets stained. If stained, mix a bit of stain remover with water and soak The Towel or apply directly to the stains and then wash.

Do not hang the towel by the elastic band, the weight will cause the elastic band to stretch.

The Towel: 32in x 38in

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