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Wake The Dead

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Peekay's Herbs Wake The Dead is designed to support energy levels, immunity, mood and stress response. If you're exhausted and stressed, in need of energetic support, this elixir is for you. Curb stress relief with a lower dosage, allowing yourself to settle into a relaxed state. For more energy, enjoy a larger dosage to experience the energizing and stimulating effects of the adaptogenic herbs.
How To Use
As low as 1 Teaspoon (5 droppers full / 5ml) per day for small and sensitive individuals. As high as 2 Tablespoons per day (30 droppers full / 30ml) for larger and robust individuals. Herbs can be taken at one time or dosed several times per day. Average dose is 1 Tablespoon (15 droppers full / 15ml) per day. Higher doses are used for acute and/or severe symptoms, lower doses are used for milder symptoms and/or longer term maintenance. These herbs are most often taken mixed with a cup of hot water (like a cup of tea), but they can also be mixed with cold water or taken as an undiluted shot!
Codonopsis Root / Dang Shen, Astragalus Root / Huang Qi, American Ginseng Root / Xi Yang Shen, Korean Ginseng Root / Hong Ren Shen, Panax Ginseng Root / Bai Ren Shen, Siberian Ginseng Root / Wu Jia Seng, Rhodiola Rosea Root / Hong Jing Tian, Ashwagandha Root / Withania Somnifera, Schisandra Fruit / Wu Wei Zi, Holy Basil (Tulsi) Leaf / Occimum Sanctum, Gotu Kola / Centella Asiatica, Fresh Ginger Rhizome / Sheng Jiang, Red Jujube Date / Hong Da Zao, Purified Water, Organic Cane Alcohol (20%)
About The Brand
Peekay's Herbs believes that having access to practical, safe, potent, and properly dosed herbal formulas can be an exceptionally powerful revolution for any household. Created by master herbalist, Paul Kempisty, the brand channel tenets of Chinese Medicine to create holistic, safe & effective formulations.