5 Ways to Set Intentions That Will Stick in 2024
DATE: 12/18/23

5 Ways to Set Intentions That Will Stick in 2024

As we step into 2024 with fresh aspirations, it's essential to understand the art of setting + keeping meaningful intentions. George, the Programming Director at Sage + Sound, shares his expert insights to guide you through this journey. Plus, we’ve handpicked Sage + Sound products to support each tip!

Tip 1: Understanding Intentions vs. Goals

Intentions are the guiding stars of your year, shaping the direction you wish to move in, unlike specific goals. Think of intentions as the overarching theme of your year. To get started, explore our manifestation classes, which can be a practical resource.

Photo of Alice Mushrooms tin surrounded by flowers.

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Tip 2: Accountability Through Journaling

A good journal or adopting practices to hold yourself accountable can be transformative. Writing down your thoughts helps in clarifying + solidifying your intentions.

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Tip 3: Create a Personal Sanctuary

Carving out physical space + time for meditation allows your intentions to naturally surface. Establish a calming environment where you can reflect + meditate in peace.

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Tip 4: Patience is Key

Remember, intentions aren’t bound by deadlines. Through a variety of classes at The Study, you can gradually discover your true intention, whether it's in January or spring. Don’t rush the process.

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Tip 5: Embrace Your Community

Surrounding yourself with supportive people can help maintain focus on your aspirations. Engage in our community classes + enjoy a matcha at IOU to connect with like-minded individuals.

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Setting + keeping New Year’s intentions is a deeply personal + rewarding journey. With these tips from George + our curated products at Sage + Sound, you’re well-equipped to navigate 2024 with intention + purpose. Explore our full range of products designed to help you set + keep your goals.