AM/PM: Oura Ring's Tom Hale
DATE: 09/28/23

AM/PM: Oura Ring's Tom Hale

Oura Ring has carved a distinct niche in the world of health and wellness tracking, becoming synonymous with cutting-edge technology. The driving force behind this innovation is none other than its CEO, Tom Hale. Ever curious about how a wellness CEO maintains his personal well-being amidst the demands of leading a global brand? Here, we uncover the details of his daily wellness practices in our AM/PM. From mindfulness rituals to rigorous physical workouts, from dietary choices to his approach towards sleep, delve into the habits that keep Tom Hale at his peak.

How does working in the industry effect your personal relationship wellness?

I learned a ton about the various modalities of wellness and how to measure and understand the impacts. One of the biggest insights for me was the importance of breathing and the impact that a few deep breaths can have. I learned a style of breathing that really works for me. The wellness industry also taught me a lot about my approach to exercise. I learned all sorts of things about the value of stretching and mobility, the importance of hydration, and how critical understand how my body is doing before pushing myself or deciding to go for a long, slow run. I’d been trained to always push myself, and various wellness programs and the Oura Ring gave me permission to not always push for a “Personal Best” or hit a preconceived notion of what a good workout looked like. One of the biggest changes for me was understanding how various foods affect me. I started with intermittent fasting on a 16-8 routine, and I’ve gotten into a good rhythm of skipping breakfast, a bigger lunch, and a light dinner. For six months, I wore a continuous glucose monitor, and that taught me that there were many foods that I ate that I thought were healthy but turned out to really spike my blood sugar. That visibility has changed many of my food choices.

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How did the Oura Ring change the way you thought about your own wellness journey? 

The Oura ring really changed my sleeping habits. I was on a treadmill of coffee to amp up in the morning and wine to take the edge off at night. I would work late, then watch Netflix or doomscroll until I fell asleep. I went through a period of high stress, and my sleep really suffered. 

Oura educated me about sleep hygiene and made many simple behavioral changes that resulted in higher quality and longer sleep. This made a really dramatic difference to me - my mood, energy, cognition, and performance improved as did my overall quality of life. It was like walking out black and white TV and into a 4K color movie. 

If you had a free day and unlimited time, what would your ideal day of wellness look like and why? 

  • I’d start with an exercise session - walking, running or rowing. Being outside in the early in the morning is a key to my personal happiness. Light exposure in the morning is really important to feel alert and energized. 
  • After that, I’d get a 90 minute massage, and follow it up with some meditative breathwork. I once had a massage with a set of stone sound bowls and it was amazing.
  • Then a light meal, some interaction with friends and family. Connection is such a key component of wellness. 
  • In the afternoon, I’d soak or take a steam bath.
  • After that, flotation tank therapy - I love the meditative state this puts me in, and the calm. If possible I’d go with my partner Karen - we’ve done this before and being quiet together, floating in darkness is an intense experience.
  • In the afternoon, I’d go for a sauna + cold plunge. This is a Finnish tradition, and I find sauna followed by a very cold shower or cold immersion increases my HRV and it yields really good deep sleep.
  • Then a light dinner, followed by relaxed evening reading a book, and an early night’s sleep. 


I am an early riser and head to work between 6 and 7. Before 6 I almost always follow the below: 

  • Non-Caffeinated Rooibos Tea
  • Momentous Supplements - primarily Tyrosine, NMN, Omega-3, and Alpha GPC
  • Goli immunity gummies 
  • Deep Breathing Exercise (box breathing, 10 repetitions)
  • Light exposure
  • Rowing Machine or Walk or Run 


I tend to follow this routine every night. 

  • Early Dinner 
  • Theragun for Percussive Massage - particularly on workout days
  • Avoid Alcohol avoid Sugar
  • Sleep Mask 
  • Earplugs
  • 8 Sleep Cooled Mattress
  • If I am going to look at a screen I use Ra Optics blue light blockers 
  • Momentous Sleep Pack - Magnesium L-Threonate, Apigenin, and L-Theanine
  • Non Caffeinated Rooibos Tea

Weekly massage - usually midweek, longer walks or runs on the weekend.