Sage Picks: This Glitter Biodegrades By The Next Moon
DATE: 03/30/22

Sage Picks: This Glitter Biodegrades By The Next Moon

If you're in the know about all things makeup and sustainability, it's no secret that two opposing truths exist within the industry: 1. Glitter is a makeup kit staple. 2. Glitter is terrible for the environment. But guess what? There's a solution.

“The natural world is incredibly important to me," Shari Siadat, founder of TooD Beauty says. "I spend a lot of time in it and enjoying what it has to offer. So I was determined to develop a cosmetic range that married the two; self-expression but not at a cost of the environment."


TooD beauty launched with instant hit products like Soap Brows and Color Cream, and recently released their newest cult-obsession, BioGlitter.


"Sparkles are important to me," Siadat says. "It was critical that I found a glitter that delivered, both in appearance and sustainability credentials. After interrogating the market, to get to the bottom of the ‘good, bad and ugly’ out there, the decision was easy, Bioglitter™ is simply incomparable. I’m so happy to have found this brand and support the ethos behind it.”


Who is this for?

How about, um, everyone? As the site itself says, "TooD is clean and colorful makeup that anyone can use—from 3 or 93. It's safe for all types of skin and it's easy to try on and take off, unlike other colorful and shimmery formulas."

What makes it so special?

The entire formula is non-toxic and, with water, BioGlitter biodegrades completely in just 28 days. “It biodegrades by the next new moon, which I love," Siadat tells

Where is it from?

TooD’s BioGlitterTM is made in the USA from non-toxic plant cellulose.

When do I use it?

One of the greatest things about BioGlitter is its buildability. With one swipe of the product, you can achieve an eye-catching look, but you can play around with different tools (we love the Magic Swab) for a more dramatic look. So the answer to when? When do you not use it?

Why would I want this?

What's better than getting complimented on your makeup look and being able to say in response, "Did you know this product biodegrades by the next moon?" Also, the colors are amazing, all-natural tones named after healing stones (Citrine, Tiger's Eye, Moonstone, etc.), so you can basically think of yourself as a walking aura of wonder. Oh, and did we mention it's under $30?

Shop TooD Beauty's BioGlitter here.